Monday, January 17, 2011

weekend fantasies + chocolate dreams

what if every weekend contained 3 days?
when my dream job becomes reality someday, i'll find out what this is like* (i'm still hopeful)! however, until then, i'll have to settle for the minibreaks scattered haphazardly (and somewhat stingily, in my opinion) on duke's holiday calendar.

that's it 'til MAY!? luckily i have vacation coming up!

while i used to be happy just to get that one day off in seven that our duty hours required, now i have become spoiled and have gone utterly soft. i now believe the ideal setup is:

day 1 to unwind and acclimate to weekend pace

day 2 to clean up, get things done, and perhaps even catch up on some work

day 3 to relax in the now-clean environment and rev up for the week ahead

okay, before anyone flames me for my terrible work ethic, i'm at least sort of kidding. but i have to say this little stretch has been lovely! and truly, i am very grateful for it.

* though i'm pretty sure the concept of 'weekend' will change drastically once there are l'il ones running around underfoot!

today's plans

☑ plan next week's meals + grocery shop
☑ 3 mi run + weights (at the gym)
☑ go somewhere fun to read + sketch out budget (!)
☑ make cuisine from the following nation for dinner with k + m

here's the flag; can you identify the nation?

we've done asian fusion, middle eastern, and french before with fellow gourmands k + m; however, a couple of weeks ago josh and i upped the ante with this nordic feast! i think it's safe to say that these international theme dinners are now a tradition, and a really fun one at that.



workout: 75 minute yoga class at blue point. i went to crystal's class for the first time and really liked it! her pace is slower, but since that sometimes translated to holding hard poses for longer, that didn't necessarily mean easy.

there were some brand new beginners in the class and one of them was next to me. i noticed him watching me a bit trying to follow the poses and it was the first time i realized that HEY -- i kind of know what i'm doing! it was a bit of a breakthough, actually.

my shoulders and hips are pleasantly sore today. i'm really happy to say i'm REALLY starting to genuinely like yoga!

a family affair
i do not hang out with my sister nearly enough. she lives 30 minutes away in raleigh, but we really don't see each other that much (we do talk on the phone allllll the time, though). josh had to work late, so i headed over for an impromptu italian dinner.

[bonus: the lighting in her apartment is awesome for photography!]

colorful salad accompaniment

main event: tried & true martha meatballs with whole wheat spaghetti

for dessert, my sister attempted a version of the famous angelina's hot chocolate. i say 'attempted' because what we ended up with was not liquid.

luckily, it was still DAMN good.

it tasted like the center of a molten chocolate cake! our servings were small but uber-rich. honestly, i might have liked it better this way!


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I thought that was a fig in your chocolate for a second! Haha.

    Glad that you are loving the yoga! I remember starting to feel the same way about it when I was going regularly last year. I need to get back in to it!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Yay- I'm so excited that you're liking yoga. I'm all about teachers that slow down and hold the poses a little longer. Also, your salad picture looks like it came straight out of a foodie mag! So crisp and bright.

  3. Feb-April is tough for everyone! :) With furlough days + holidays, we've had 5 day weekends around Thanksgiving and Christmas, 3 day New Years weekend, Last week we had two snow days, and we have tomorrow off.

    It is going to be a rude awakening when I only have two days for my weekend next weekend.

  4. Sign me up for the 3-day weekend every week. Daniel actually had a great schedule at his last job where he worked 9 hours/day M-R, 8 hours one Friday, and was off the next. I'd definitely do that if it were an option here.

  5. You didn't use Omanhene chocolate like Angelina's recipe did you? Its awful chocolate. I suspect they use it because its the only chocolate that's actually made right in Ghana. Other "Ghana" chocolate just uses beans from Ghana, but makes the chocolate elsewhere.

    Your sister's creation looks like there's too much water (maybe from too much milk, or skim milk?). Try substituting some cream for half of the milk.

    I'm intrigued by this recipe. I may try it this week. :)

  6. I would love a 3-day weekend every week. I have gotten into this situation where somehow I end up working the Monday of every 3-day weekend because of work demands, so the thought of even just having 3-day weekends when others get them would be lovely.

    Are you making Polish food? I wonder what dishes you will pick :)

  7. PS - And I am so glad you are enjoying yoga. If I could only do yoga, I totally would (but I need to do more to get cardio - even the most intense yoga class does not feel like enough)

  8. I wish I would have gotten today off. I would love to be lounging around in my clean house. I would also love to be eating that salad you made. It looks delish.

  9. @Jon (was) in Michigan no - we used green & blacks! we actually didn't follow that recipe, but i couldn't find the one my sister used! we actually used half-and-half (i know, SUPER rich - but it was a small batch!). we think maybe she heated it too fast? you will have to let me know if you have success with it!

    valerie: YES! you're good :)

    lu: oh i promise, i know EXACTLY how lucky i am. it's payback for working all those nights & weekends in residency!

  10. I feel you on the "3-day weekend", Sarah!
    That would be really awesome :)
    I bet you and your sister had fun seeing each other - quality time with family members is always a good thing :)
    That hot cocoa looks thick... Pretty amazing!
    I'd say the thicker the better ;)
    Trying this recipe as soon as the temps are low!
    Happy Monday!

  11. How depressing that there aren't any national holidays until May. I am cherishing my time as a student--at least I get spring break!

  12. atilla9:07 PM

    maybe you created a new dessert