Sunday, January 02, 2011

sunday musings, v. 2.0

do you docket?
i spent a significant chunk of yesterday lying prostrate on the couch, alternately reading my latest murakami (which is totally bizarre, even for him) and poring through this new year's-appropriate tome:

admittedly, i was sold upon seeing the cover

author tsh oxenreider (who blogs at simple mom) suggests laying out goals and a rough course for each day on paper, even supplying templates:

full downloadable versions all available for free on her site

at one point, i was in the habit of doing something like this, but i have since gone a bit more free-form. take today's list, for example . . .

since i will be beginning another research month (where my days are much more loosely structured) on monday, i think it might be a good time to revisit this strategy. likely i will just keep a list in my planner, as i prefer to keep everything in one place. we'll see! do any of you create a daily page? if so, is it similar to tsh's version?

capturing the moment . . . or not
yesterday josh and i ran together on a muddy single-track trail in duke forest -- filled with slightly ridiculous inclines and plenty of obstacles along the way. i may or may not have complained my way through 95% of it, but afterwards realized that we had certainly had a good adventure for the week!

my one regret? i wish i had brought my camera along. it's not just that i'm yearning for a few fun images to spice up this blog post (though that couldn't hurt!) -- i honestly LOVE looking back on photos of us doing fun things! and yet if it weren't for this website, i probably wouldn't have captured even a fraction of the moments that i did over the last year.

last night, we went to a last-minute dinner party (traditional southern new year's feast!) and again, i am photoless. the reason: i didn't want to have to explain the blog to some of the party's attendees.

but today, that reasoning seems silly. of course, the fun evening happened whether or not it was captured in digital image form. but there is something wonderful about being able to relive those moments, real or not. so the next time i'm debating whether or not to snap a few candids, i'm going for it.

bad girl resolutions
i have really enjoyed reading all of the goals/resolutions posts out in blogland this weekend! however, my hands-down favorite was astrid's post from yesterday. i had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady at the 2010 HLS, and i have no doubt she is in for a fantastic year.



workout: 4 mile hilly trail run (about 40 minutes). this was actually quite challenging.

if i had brought my camera last night, i could show you pictures of the black eyed peas, collards, pimiento cheese, and cornbread! next time . . .


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I actually do create a daily page for my schedule. In addition to my moleskine, I also keep most of my personal appointments in the work office outlook. Every morning, I print out my daily outlook calendar, which includes a side column for to-dos.

    I tape all of this next to where I sit. That way when I'm at my desk, I can see all of my appointment (both work and personal).

  2. I love that list!! I keep a daily "to-do" type list in an excel spreadsheet that has options to mark everything as yes, no, pending, or cancel. The spreadsheet automatically calculates your percent complete. *pushes up nerd glasses*

  3. Glad to know that you had black eyed peas on new years day! I have never partaken in this tradition, but I know that it is a southern thing. I can't wait to see what you have in store for this year. Hopefully we get to meet again!

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I love the actual putting a pen to paper to create my lists throughout the day! I don't forget to do things if they are written down (I consciously choose not to do them instead, haha!)

    I've been inspired by your daily planner to go out and purchase my own, instead of writing my lists on little scraps of paper that get lost and turn up in strange places every day...

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM

    i often kick myself for not bringing my camera along places sometimes! i NEVER take pictures. i'm glad that i have a blog for that reason so i actually capture moments hahah.

    and i only do a daily planner thing when i'm really stressed out and time crunched and want to make sure i remember everything. or if i'm changing my schedule (new semester, new job etc) mostly i just write the big stuff down because my days are pretty routine for the most part.

  6. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I love doing a daily to do list in my planner. I like to use it as a kind of diary too so I'll jot down little things like how happy I felt that day and what my stress level was like.

  7. I try to plan out my weeks in a similar manner, but I'm not sure I could do this daily. I would LOVE to, though. I did end up buying the Journal J, and I'm head-over-heels for it. Thanks for recommending! Would you mind telling us your user name on the PBS book swap? I've been using it for years, and it's the first place I go for books!
    Thanks for blogging; it makes my day!

  8. On those more stressful days, I tend to write a daily to-do list but definitely not as specific as the one in that book. I think that may actually make me more overwhelmed!

    I just got back from Barnes and Noble with my 2011 planner in hand--- can I tell you that I am eerily excited to start jotting everything down in there?!?! I imagine you can understand that and from the likes of the other comments on here-- many others can identify with the excitement that comes with beginning a new planner.

  9. atilla5:14 PM

    loved the bad girl resolution reference

  10. bethany: i don't want to post it here b/c it shows my home address :) email me and i'll send it - although i JUST joined today so i don't have much of a selection up there!

  11. Parrish and I ran a VERY similar trail at Duke Forest once! Some of the inclines were so steep that I started laughing (to keep from crying) :)

  12. I love the templates from Simple mom, I downloaded almost all. Thanks for sharing. This year I will be mainly writing up so I really do need some structure!