Wednesday, January 19, 2011

salamba sirsasana (& other stuff)

not much to report
hmmm. believe it or not, i feel like i don't have much to say this morning.

lab ➜ doing okay. i am trying to accept that it will be a while before i know what i'm doing!

yoga ➜ doing fine. i went to a class last night that was half power/vinyasa and half yin stretching. it was fun until i toppled backwards out of my headstand, which was somewhat embarrassing.

not me. SO not me.[source]

(question for the yogis: i realized that i can do headstands only in the tripod version. it brings me back to those young gymnastics days, but i want to do this kind, which seems more legit. any tips!?)

budgeting ➜ didn't happen.

but it counts as saving money if they are on SALE, no?

link love
i don't do this often enough! here are some (very) recent posts that made me smile:

shelby, you are awesome. i am thrilled to be immortalized forever in PAINT! thank you.

zen habits on work-life balance. i like tip #7:
7. Learn that you are not defined by work. You can be happy without your job. Your value isn’t completely tied to your work. For example: I’m a writer but it’s not the only thing I am. I’m also a father and husband and know that those are my most important roles — not my role as a writer. I am more than that as well: I run and read and learn and help others and am constantly experimenting with life. I can do things other than my job and be fulfilled. So can you.
i will try to embrace this tip as well as his others as i acclimate to the lab. while it is not my dream job, that doesn't mean i can't enjoy life and be happy during my research years!

anne's tips for how to make time for health when you're busy. her tips are basic, but tried and true! although i could never study while working out. my neurons fizzle out when i sweat to the point where i can only process things like us weekly and jersey shore.

i didn't quite understand what unclutterer's sister site simplifried was doing at first. as if we need another food blog!? however, i get it now: they are offering stripped-down menu-planning tools, complete with meal-by-meal weekly menus + grocery lists. certainly a good place to start if you've never meal planned before!



workout: 75 minute power/yin yoga class at blue point. slowly becoming addicted . . .

simple pleasures: evening yoga means arriving home after 7:30 pm. and arriving home after 7:30 pm means pizza.

amy's 4-cheese pizza with a kath-inspired salad


  1. Joe's Jeans for $80 is a great price! I was in Nordstrom Rack on Sunday and saw a pair of Sevens on sale for $40. Unfortunately, they had way too low of a rise for me. But $40!!

  2. It sounds like your yoga classes are going very well. I can't do head stands. In theory, after 2 years of intense yoga practice, I can but I'm too scared that my neck will snap or I won't be able to swallow. Maybe if the yoga session has gone really well and I feel relaxed and flexible, I could do a head stand and hold it for a minute or less but otherwise I'm very happy with shoulder stands instead.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :)

  4. p.s. I LOVE designer jeans. They are my total weakness. So worth it for jeans that make your butt look fab ;)

  5. I can't see the image on the second link.. so I don't know what kind of headstand you're trying to do. Is it the one in the photo above?

    I can do that one, but not for long. My balance is awful.

    They key to that headstand is getting your arms the right distance, according to my instructor. She has us "measure" by folding our arms so we're touching our elbows to get the right distance. Then, without moving our elbows we extend our forearms and clasp our hands. Then, she has put our head in our hands like above and go into dolphin. From there it's easier to get up into the headstand.

    I had to practice against a wall for a bit until I got comfortable putting my feet in the air.

  6. You just made me contemplate something about character and yoga.
    How come you're capable of doing it and I'm not?

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I think that video was an excellent example. You know at the when he is putting one leg in the air and then the other? If you repeat that step over and over you will build up A LOT of strength and be able to do the pose more easily. My yoga teacher always focused on warming up our shoulders and we did lots of prep work before going into the pose. Then, the pose itself comes more naturally. Besides that it just takes time and patience. And Falling. There is NOTHING wrong with falling ;-)

  8. did you see the living social deal with Hair Whisper Salon -- Haircut and Highlights ($70) or Keratin Smoothing Treatment ($125)?

    Thought you might want to take a look! 50% off on Keratin treatments is a good deal.

    Oh... 8 hours remaining so I hope you look at this tonight!

  9. Monica9:23 PM

    I'm very impressed with your yoga skills! I've been practising yoga for atleast three years now and have never done any cool upside down balancing poses. Although I can rock a wheel pose and half moon is my favourite! Have fun with the yoga, no matter what pose you're in :)

  10. Tripod headstand is easier because the base is wider and therefore more stable and because you can use your hands to balance. To make a wide base in regular headstand, keep your elbows only a tiny bit wider than outer shoulder width apart- then you'll make a longer triangle with your head. To do that, you have to open your shoulders. Plus you have to learn how to press down strongly and balance with your forearms instead of your hands. That takes practice to build body awareness.It will come in time.

    How you come up is key too- you can lift one leg up at a time or bend your knees and curl your feet over your hips then straighten them.

    While you're in the pose, work your muscles. Press down strongly through your forearms. Spread the toes (helps so much!!). Squeeze the legs towards the midline. Tuck your tailbone. This will help you to dance with any wobbles.

  11. monica: i also love wheel and it too reminds me of gymnastics! i can do half moon but it's ugly. and unstable! i am so impressed that's your favorite!

    jill: thanks for your help! [scurrying to the floor to practice . . .]

  12. jenna: thanks for thinking of me! i have never done keratin though . . . it sounds intriguing!