Saturday, January 22, 2011

now matters

today counts, too!
i'm all for vacation anticipation, but i have to watch myself sometimes. because while planning and taking a little time out of each day to daydream about the upcoming relaxation and fun is a known happiness booster, treating your life like a countdown is bad.

after all, just because THIS is lurking in my future:

(oh, and a little of this, too)

. . . doesn't mean that TODAY is disposable or any less important.

not glamorous or exciting, but it's happening NOW!

and there is still plenty of peace and fun to find in today (yes, even on call). there are still books to be read, a workout to energize, loved ones to catch up with, new music to be enjoyed . . .

can't wait to get to know this new album!

and maybe rounds + a few diabetes calls to answer along the way -- and that's fine, too. i plan to enjoy my weekend - after all, the quiet and mundane can be wonderful in its own way. finally, a good bathroom-cleaning session will make me really feel i've EARNED that massage when the time comes.

just a little link love
for your weekend . . .

the latest study hacks post certainly brought back pre-med memories!

i'm kind of obsessed with the edible perspective lately. another blog i would put in the "how was i not reading this before!?" category.



workout: 45 minute dave farmar power vinyasa podcast. LOVE these!

just a taste of the sumptuous lebanese feast that josh's coworkers elias and maria treated us to last night! such a cute couple, and wonderful hosts :)


  1. Happy Saturday. I love the Edible Perspective as well! I think Ashley's blog was the first one in the Healthy Living blog space that I found.

  2. I love Lebanese food and more the people and the country which was meant to be my home, my very sweet home and I am grateful for that. OH No I m homesick again and again..

  3. thank you Sarah for your post...Looking forward to have you again and again, especially that we know now that you are "fans" of the traditional Lebanese dishes.

    Iman: u r right :) I miss my lovely country...
    Where r u from?

  4. atilla2:12 PM

    lebanese how great is that?

  5. Marhaba Maria. I grew up in Mashghara in West Bekaa.

  6. Im from West Bekaa too, from Mansoura, next to Ammiq and Aana.
    Have you ever visited it?

  7. Im from West Bekaa too, from Mansoura, next to Ammiq and Aana.
    Have you ever visited it?

  8. Sure I know Mansoura. Beautiful village. I went to high school in Jib-Jannine and so have to go through Mansoura every weekend. Some of my classmates were from Mansoura. My favorite Arabic Literature teacher from Aana.

  9. so Iman where are you living now? and what is your blog address to add you.
    Mine is :

  10. Anonymous11:49 PM

    the decemberists?! love. such love. i haven't listened to their new album yet, or really even remembered that they had one. but they are top three of what i play on loop on my ipod nonstop. :-)

  11. I want to dive into that pool! So pretty. You are going to have an awesome time!

  12. I don't have a blog Maria:((. I will be f/u yours. PS. sorry Sarah(TheShubox) for my "chatting" comments