Sunday, January 23, 2011

last call!

no, not for me
i'm done with countdowns, remember?

this "last call!" triumph belongs to josh. 4.5 years ago, he began surgery residency. his first year, every fourth night THE ENTIRE YEAR was spent in the hospital on a 30 hour shift. i certainly had months like that, but if i had been forced to sustain that lifestyle continuously for a year . . . well, let's just say i'd likely be on a different career path right now. or locked away in an asylum.

the years that followed were slightly better, but by no means easy. there were blocks of night float where we could literally go a week without seeing each other, and many months where 3 out of 4 weekends, at least one of us was spending the night in the hospital.

i used to be miserable on the nights i spent alone, but luckily over all this time i've learned to make it 'me time' and just enjoy some quiet (also: prime catchup opportunity for my guilty-pleasure TV shows, desperate housewives and grey's).

i've gotten over the paranoia of being a woman home alone, thanks to this:

(after this unpleasant experience in 2007, i just like to have a little extra layer of protection. better safe than sorry!)

and now . . . he's done. it's like the end of an era!

however: i can't get TOO excited. just because this is josh's last planned overnight call does not mean i've spent my last evening alone with my friends meredith grey and susan delfino. his fellowship will involve a LOT of home call, and unlike my home call (which almost never requires a live appearance from moi), his will often require trips into the hospital in the middle of the night. there may also be some moonlighting in his future (how else am i going to keep our future offspring swaddled in baby anthro!?) (fine, babyGap), and when he's an attending that pager could basically ring at ANY moment, sweeping him away in a heartbeat.

but there's still something wonderful about not having J- CALL on our calendar. and i wanted to (publicly!) give the guy the props he deserves for enduring an incredibly tough 4.5 years with minimal (ehh, sometimes minimal to moderate -- but mostly minimal) complaining.

body wars, continued
still working on trying to accept (even love!) my body in its current form. things that i think will help:

returning to a cleaner diet. i will say that over the past couple of months, i have eaten more junk than usual -- somewhat purposefully, in the name of fertility. for example, i don't usually bake cookies and help myself to 3 right out of the oven

(yum, though).

however, based on my last cycle, i think the combination of a more haphazard diet + greatly reduced running has gotten me to where i need to be. at this point, i think i can maintain (and feel better about myself!) if i return to a more thoughtful way of eating. i have no plans to attempt to cut back, but just to make sure the foods i am choosing are nutritious and healthy -- worthy of making up part of a future baby.

my RD appointment on tuesday. i am looking forward to have another person (although heather did an awesome job!) objectively take a look at my habits and make suggestions.

new jeans.

flattering joe's provocateurs that i snagged on sale

(sadly now only one size left, but sometimes things pop back in as people make returns.)

off to enjoy sunday
it's been a really nice call weekend so far -- i did have to go in yesterday but the overnight calls have been nonexistent. i did get woken at 6am this morning, but as you all know i'm an early bird, so i just considered it an early alarm clock!

today's plans
meal plan/grocery list
pay billz
start working on making budget (more on this to come)!
dave farmar podcast (i'd prefer a live session, but i can't go to the studio on page . . . luckily, these podcasts are free and pretty awesome!)



workout: 40 minute run @ 9:13/mi pace, 0.5% incline; 4.37 miles.
-- 2 x 12 pushups
-- 2 x 12 plie squats, 10 lbs each hand
-- 2 x lat pull-downs (1st set: 55 lbs x 12, 2nd set: 65 lbs x 10)
-- 2 x 12 hamstring curls on ball
-- 2 x 10 bent-over rows (15 lbs each hand)
-- 2 x 12 walking double lunges (10 lbs each hand)


  1. I'm excited to hear about your appointment! ;)

  2. Thinking of getting a security system - something that doesn't require owning the house to install. Do you recommend yours?

  3. we like brinks! we've never had any problems with it. it's about $42/month and that's more expensive because we don't have a landline so we had to do the wireless option. it has both motion detector which works (trust me - i've set it off by mistake enough times to know) and an alarm. it makes me feel much better when josh isn't home. i would definitely say go for it.

    the other option is ADT which i think tends to be a bit more expensive.

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    good luck at the appointment. and yay for josh. that's so exciting!

  5. A huge congrats to Josh! The security system was a great idea, I had a scare (when I was alone) a while ago too...and I think I've been a little paranoid since then! I've been meaning to look into getting a system for my peace of mind.

  6. Congrats to Josh! I really like your jeans too.

  7. Those are cute jeans! Congrats to Josh! Those cookies look yummy. I also have been getting the baking bug. Made some homemade whole wheat bread yesterday. Had it for breakfast this morning...I don't think I will ever go to store bought. I posted the recipe on my blog...

  8. Although he's not a dr., my husband isn't home on weeknights for 2-3 months out of the year...I look forward to it as my time to watch mindless tv and surf the internet:) The new jeans (and you!) look great!

  9. I'm trying to clean up my diet too. I think I'm still digesting from the holidays!

  10. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I love that you watch Grey's even though you know how it really is - my Dr. friends hate it! Congrats to Josh - I can't even imagine doing that once, let alone for years. Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  11. So, I try not to stalk Anthro TOO much, but I've tried on the provocateurs several times but count stomach the price. I got lucky yesterday, but I don't think that I would have looked if you hadn't highlighted them here. So, thanks!

  12. m i l3:34 PM

    What a wonderful milestone for you and Josh. So happy for the two of you.

  13. @Kristina YEAHH provocateurs! i'm such a shopping enabler.

  14. Congrats to Josh!

    Also....the Joe's provacateurs are my absolute fave. I have a few pairs, and definitely try to snag them on sale but I'll admit to paying full price once or twice. That's how awesome they are!

  15. I like this Jeans!!! and it fits you Sarah. Joe's is also my fave.

  16. Anonymous9:33 PM

    cute jeans! And congrats to Josh! It'll be so nice for you to have him around more nights :)

  17. I also am trying out that new commenting system but I'm nervous it isn't going to work. hah, I left myself some random testing comments but never got the email of the reply back.

  18. Break-ins are SO scary - I'm glad you got a security system. For me, the feeling of being violated was almost worse - and they didn't even get into our apartment (we think!).