Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in the blink of an eye

did that just happen?
those three days certainly went by quickly! "time flies . . . " and all that, right?

on review of my weekend manifesto from saturday, i am pleased to report that ALL of the proposed goals were met -- at least, if you count making muffins and delving into polish cuisine as adventures.

(and i do. my standards are low!)
((and in case you are wondering, my music discovery was the besnard lakes))

album: the besnard lakes are the roaring night

so about those muffins
i can thank my mother for this little project. she had to go and mention millet muffins while we were on the phone on sunday, and once i started thinking about these crunchy, buttery, delicious little gems, i couldn't stop.

here's the recipe. you're welcome!

interestingly, while my mother claims to have made these for years, i don't really remember that. my millet muffin addiction actually surfaced during my college years, when i used to eat muffins routinely for lunch (bagel for breakfast, muffin for lunch, salad for dinner -- what!?? i was vegetarian, how could i not have been healthy??) (i wasn't. but obviously, i've come a long way!)

anyway, sometimes i would indulge in a giant raspberry muffin from cold spring coffee (now tunnel city coffee), but if i was in the mood for something a little more nutrient-rich, i headed to clarksburg bakery next door (i think this place no longer exists) for a millet muffin. they were perfectly cylindrical in shape, and always came in these beautiful wrappers! my version is homely by comparison.

but still damn good.

try them! i promise, you'll like them. and you too can count it as an adventure!

from williamstown to . . . poland?

the lovely valerie was correct -- the flag pictured yesterday was from poland! and so is last night's host:

well, really dr. s grew up in michigan. but if you go back far enough . . .

dr. s and his girlfriend k invited us over for one of our classic 'before the work week begins . . .' dinners, and as usual the attention to the cuisine was quite serious.

we prepped. and josh snacked, sipped and photographed.

we've got the beets, we've got the beets . . .

yeah, we got the beets!

i did eventually put josh to work:

i put him in charge of the polish dilled brussels sprouts

we snacked on these potato pancakes while we diligently chopped and stirred:

this may have been my favorite part of the meal, though there were several close contenders

the other highlight: these pierogies that our hosts made BY HAND!

mmm, buttahhhhhhhhh.

our table from above

about to dig in. i'm not sure if dr. s is saying grace or texting.

as always, it was a totally fun night! i realized that from friday on, we were 4 for 4 when it came to festive dinners with friends/family (and 75% of them were cooked at home!). definitely my kind of weekend.

and now, back to the lab
i'll be heading back to lab today to continue orienting myself to uhh, science and working on prepping liver tissue for analysis. i had forgotten just how repetitive and tedious labwork can be, but this time around i am determined to approach it with a hefty dose of zen. plus, k (who works in a lab) made some good points last night, encouraging me to embrace the lifestyle even if the work isn't 100% what i want to be doing.

after all, it's only 2(ish) years . . . and like this past weekend, it will probably go by FAST.

look who's back, and with a resolutions post to boot! vickie, i think a laptop lunchbox just might help with goal #2 . . .



workout: 30 minute run at 9:13/mi pace, 0.5% incline on the TM + 25 minutes weights
- 2 x 12 squats, 10 lbs each hand
- 2 x 10 lat pull-downs, 55 lbs
- 2 x 12 hamstring curls on ball
- 2 x 12 seated rows, 50 lbs
- 2 x 12 walking double lunges, 15 lbs
- 2 x 12 tricep dips (bench)


  1. Homemade pierogis are pretty impressive! I think I need some Polish friends!

    I used to eat two bagels with a can of Coke for lunch in high school. I thought I was being healthy because it was all very low-fat. True story.

  2. well if anything your adventures look quite delicious :)

  3. Love the mentions of Williamstown (Tunnel City Coffee is really good...) If you ever feel like adventuring in the Berkshires again, let me know!

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    those millet muffins look delicious! thanks for sharing the recipe. i have some millet i'm trying to use and i think in muffin form might just be the best way.

  5. Fun! My eating habits in college were also terrible. Nothing fresh ever. Dinty Moore chicken and dumplings were a dinnertime staple. I remember a funny (but actually relatively healthy all things considered) week where I ate a turkey sandwich for every meal for the entire week. And the Diet Coke... so much Diet Coke.

  6. chelsea for me it was DIET DOCTOR PEPPER. ugh!

    emily when i come in 2012 for my 10th reunion i'll let you know!!

  7. I love the "at-home" socializing plus dinner kind of weekends, too! The potato pancakes look DELICIOUS!

  8. Oooh millet muffins! Too funny that you used to eat a muffin for lunch all the time. I was a frequent bagel eater.

  9. So glad you had such a nice 3 day weekend and ended it with a fun dinner party. And thanks for the shoutout.

    The millet muffins look great. I was totally addicted to muffins (especially chocolate chip) in college, but even more interesting than muffins was the Bruegger's bagel right at the entrance of the Wellesley campus.

  10. Anonymous2:50 PM

    i totally think those count as adventures! i need some adventure in my life ;)

    and i want to hear all about how FUN lab work is. i'm thinking i'll end up in a lab somewhere next year...and i need motivation

  11. Anonymous4:48 AM

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  12. Pierogies? YUM! My sister is married to a German-Ukranian man and his mother and grandmother stock their freezer with homemade ones all the time. Looks like a fabulous dinner!