Saturday, January 01, 2011


welcome 2011!
i already have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful year.

i am already excited to get cracking on my resolutions:

#1: spend at least 30 minutes reading [for work] each weekday that i arrive home before 6:30 pm.

#2: workout reform, 2011 version -- limiting running to 10 miles/week (my hardest resolution!) and supplementing with 2-4 weight training/yoga sessions per week.

#3: get OUT! and embark on weekly adventures, both large and small.

#4: see an RD and make nutrition goals [with fertility in mind] based on her recommendations.

#5: actively participate in a service project, particularly one that champions a cause i am passionate about!

#6: slow down and relax. ie: be aware of the pace at which i am living life, and make a conscious effort to slow down.

there are a few things that are not on this list that i still would love to tackle in 2011 (starting a spanish course and learning to use my camera properly are two examples). but i don't want to overwhelm myself this year! i want to have fun and enjoy the current season of my life.

ringing it in right
we certainly celebrated the close of 2010 in style. josh and i had not really formulated a plan for the evening, and last-minute i decided to call my sister to see if she wanted to join us for a luxury dinner at home; a gastronomic extravaganza of sorts. it wasn't really a hard sell.

we started the evening off with a little champagne & game-playing:

josh + my sister enjoying some family fun

once sufficiently buzzed, we got to work on the rest of the cooking!

luxury menu:

appetizers: champagne + cheese course (italian red cheese with tomato + a mild goat cheese with herbed rind -- thank you B&S for the fabulous gift!)

main dishes: filet mignon mark bittman-style; simple lobster risotto, and oven-roasted asparagus

dessert: gingerbread apple upside-down cake from smitten kitchen

this meal was serious business.

i finally got to use this cake pan from our wedding registry!

after a mere 4.5 years of non-use

making the 'upside down' cake involved making a caramel sauce and then carefully arranging apple slices:

and then smothering the whole thing with gingerbread cake batter -- hoping for the best!

while that was in the oven, rebecca got to work on the lobster tails.

$20 of lobster meat -- yes, really!

still cheaper than eating out.

josh was excited to find a mark bittman recipe to apply to the filets he had requested.

yes, THAT excited.

a late contender for best photo of '10?

with a little family teamwork, it all came together quite nicely:

a little surf 'n' turf, NYE style

finally, dessert did NOT disappoint:

enjoyed along with some port, which complemented the wintry flavors spectacularly

i may have tweeted this at around 9 pm:

and passed out at around 11. heh!

whatever, the extra hour of sleep will help me enjoy the first day of '11 even more . . .

the year looks to be off to a good start

on the agenda today:
☑ reading (the fun kind)
☑ 4-mile run
☑ closet clean-out (!!)

happy new year!


  1. Sarah!!!!! I'm a prenatal RD...I can help you out if you want!

  2. atilla10:26 AM

    missed you in Miami Cleaned up til 2am HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  3. Happy New Year!!! We also did dinner at home (we do every year) and really enjoyed it. Last night was casual (homemade pizza) on account of having to work yesterday, but last year was something similar to yours, and I think we need to repeat that at the end of this year :)

  4. I loved the pix of you in this post; you look so relaxed and that dinner (all working together to prepare it!) looked amazing! I def vote for that pic of Josh as top 2010. :) Cheers! xo

  5. Happy New Year! I like bringing in the new year with close family as it feels so special. The dinner looked yummy!!

  6. Happy New Year, Sarah!
    2011 is definitely off to a great start :)
    Happy New Year!

  7. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Happy New Year Sarah! Hope this is the year all your dreams come true. I just finished catching up on some posts I had missed over the holidays and I had two things to say:
    You look SO GOOD in the Wilmington picture from your recap post...just so pretty and natural.
    And regarding the Green Monster, I so hear you. I felt the exact same way when I was trying to conceive. It's an awful feeling when you're used to just genuinely being happy for people. It was heartwrenching when I had to paint on a smile and do brunch to meet everyones newborn. Hang in there and truly do enjoy the alone time you have with Josh right now.

    Lisa M

  8. Anonymous5:36 PM

    OMG Lobster Tails are my absolute fav! What a fun way to ring in the new year! Happy 2011!!!

  9. Anonymous4:20 AM

    The pics of you and Josh on your Christmas cards -- cute. Y'all. Look like you have a good photo stance down!

  10. Where did you find a New year's card? i have been looking for them myself.

  11. jill: it's from shutterfly! easy and pretty inexpensive. also, thanks for your other comment - i will check those meditation sites out!

    ps: i often think about what life would be like if i had left medicine. i don't regret staying in it, but i always have in the back of my mind that i could change my career path at a later time if i really want to . . .

  12. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Your night looks so fun!!! While I did make it up for the ringing-in bit this time (plus two hours), I've definitely given up early in other years. Happy new year; I can't wait to catch up on your resolution posts (I've fallen sadly behind because of the holidays). Your ideas have been an awesome inspiration for me the past few months.