Thursday, December 09, 2010

resolution review: part 2

#4-6: these are so not MICRO goals
from organizing your way

while i like the ideas behind last year's resolutions, i can already to see to some extent what i could have done better. my heart was in the right place, but my aims were lofty and general -- not in the MICRO goal style at all! here's the rundown:

#4: become a better teacher and mentor at work. i think i do an okay job at this now . . . but i want to be better than okay! part of my issue is that sometimes i lack confidence to feel like i really have the expertise to be teaching off the cuff.

but honestly, that's silly. and the learning curve really has been steep! i still have a LONG way to go, of course, but i know so much more about endocrinology than i did back in july. and when i actually do it, i truly enjoy sharing my knowledge about what i consider a fascinating field with students and residents.

i have to have SOME credibility . . . i have my own prader beads!

#5: workout reform: increase strength training & yoga. again, it's hard to evaluate my success on this item because my goals were very nonspecific! but i think i've done a fairly decent job.

i can even hold crow sometimes . . . when i'm lucky

this summer, i did gina's summer shape up; more recently, i generally have been incorporating 2 weight-training sessions weekly. even if they are a piddly 15-20 minutes, this is certainly better than nothing. i usually get in 1 (short) yoga session/week, though i have not been going to actual classes (i use yoga download audio tracks/pdfs). and thanks to lower mileage overall (20-30 whereas i used to run 40+), i've had an injury-free year -- truly, my first since 2005!

#6: learn to take better pictures. while i think my photography has sucked less with the purchase of my S90, i still have no idea what i'm doing.

looking appropriately mystified at the 2010 HLS

despite swearing multiple times to the contrary, i have yet to crack open my camera's manual. i would call this goal a solid fail. can't win 'em all!

moderator vs. abstainer
yesterday, gretchen rubin posted 8 ways to beat holiday stress on her HP blog. i enjoyed reading her tips, with my favorites being "take your time and plan ahead" and "make time for real fun". however, i found tip #3 to be a bit harsh:
3. Stay in control of your eating. It seems to me that guilt about holiday binging is a major source of the blues. As an abstainer (as opposed to a moderator), I've decided that I won't have even one sweet during December. It’s easier for me to abstain altogether than to be temperate. It may seem Scrooge-ish not to have gingerbread cookies or bites of a Winstead’s Frosty, but I'm happier when I'm not worrying about it.
sigh. i guess it just makes me a little sad when i see delicious food . . .demonized like this. partly because i do feel that last night's banana pudding did make life just a tiny bit sweeter.

not the actual dessert josh and i shared, but a google images approximation

i guess i'm just a true moderator at heart. what about you?



workout: 5 miles with 3 x 800m @ 7:30/mi pace (on the TM, 0.5% incline). these felt hard. i do not have high hopes for the 5K race on sunday, but i'm trying to be okay with that.

bin 54: i have no photographic evidence of the dinner josh and i enjoyed at bin 54 last night, but i assure you: it was good.

though i am often the domineering one when it comes to shared selections, i made sure that last night josh ruled the menu choices 100%! we split the following: half-bottle of barnett napa valley cabernet; greek salad; bacon-roasted brussels sprouts (everything's better . . .); the aforementioned banana pudding (which was, by the way, to-die-for). we each had our own filets -- mine was 6 oz while the birthday boy enjoyed a solid 10. i loved the dried cherry sauce while josh preferred the red wine glace. definitely a birthday treat -- for both of us!


  1. i love that those beads are pretty innocent looking but have such a strange purpose! (strange to anyone outside the field, i guess)

    my macbook is shubox famous! (i'm pretty sure that's mine anyway...)
    i'm totally also a moderator, maybe even a little more than that. i never feel guilty or blue about it though! that banana pudding looks amazing, and i don't even really like banana pudding all that much but i would eat that for sure.

  2. For a photographer who has no idea what she's doing, I'd say you've taken some pretty nice photos!
    L, da

  3. I still haven't opened my camera manual either! And then Eric tries to teach me too many things at once and I get overwhelmed and cranky. Maybe a good goal would be to learn one cool camera trick per week?

  4. Geez, no sweets during the holidays?! That's too harsh for me. It would really stress me out trying to avoid indulging. I guess that's also because I'm not a person who ever feels guilty about eating--it really is all about eating what you want in moderation.

  5. For me I feel like the best strategy for dealing with sweets around the holidays is to only eat them after a real meal. Then I can have a taste, enjoy it, and be done. If I start in on cookies, etc. when I'm hungry, I'll eat way too many and feel gross afterward. No fun.

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    i love your pictures. better than me with my point and shoot for sure ;)

    i wish i had been better about flexibility and yoga and whatnot in 2010. i feel like i've gotten LESS flexible over the course of the year!

  7. Wow - no sweets? I do think that is pretty crazy, maybe because Trader Joe's has all of these wonderful holiday items that are ONLY around during, well, the holidays. For instance, their peppermint "jo-jos" ice cream. It's so divine!
    I think that I made goals for the year. I should revisit them at some point...

  8. Hehe true moderator definitely, and I think you (and I) have the bodies to prove it. I think 'abstinators' have an unhealthy relationship with food which will make them unhappy either way.

    But I'm really glad to learn that you will be able to accurately estimate the size of my testicles.

    O wait, I don't have any.

  9. Fun to randomly meet you in the elevator yesterday at work.

    You've inspired me... I think I may make resolutions this year.

  10. haya: definitely your mac!! miss you!

    da: if you give a monkey a typewriter, at SOME point something good might occur . . . really, though i have no idea what i'm doing.

    aimee: ahh, i like that. plus it's measurable and finite . . . may earn a place in the 2011 lineup. we'll see.

    liv, chelsea, kristina, blondie: hooray for the moderators! we have more fun (obvi). and blondie, thank you!

    mm you are way too nice.

    crystal: totally fun - and cool! definitely a first for me :) i would be excited to hear your resolutions! and if you ever want to go for a run together i'm game!

  11. atilla9:17 PM

    here's a resolution : Nix the no sweets idea just don't eat junk but there's some quality stuff at holiday time

  12. Anonymous9:18 PM

    hey, good luck on saturday!! you'll be running against my (very fast) friends, but the southern village 5k isnt that hard to place in (and they give you free lumina tickets if you get 1-3)!! anyway, have fun!