Wednesday, December 08, 2010

resolution review: part 1

2010's valiant efforts: #1-3
i love making resolutions. so much so that i always make too many, and never bat 1000 when it comes to the outcomes! however, knowing this -- and i do, since i've done a public analysis like this one a number of times over the years -- doesn't seem to dissuade me from doing it again.

and actually, i'm okay with that. because sometimes i will fail, and other times i will succeed, but at least i tried. and generally, i am having fun and enjoying life along the way.

(that's key. otherwise: what's the point?)

so given that it's already december 8 (how did THAT happen?), i thought i might begin resolution season with a review of last year's efforts. here's the rundown of the first three.

#1: practice better skin care

ohh, i begin with such good intentions! and the wonderful vickie bestowed upon me this set to fuel my efforts. i actually began wearing sunscreen on my long runs! leathery, melanoma-studded skin was no longer my fait accompli . . .

and then i started breaking out.

it seems like when i put much of ANYTHING on my skin other than clarifying/medicated scrubs, it reacts like a sullen teenager, and then i get to look like a sullen teenager, at least with respect to my skin. so i gave up, and my face cleared, and i haven't looked back. and i still don't wear sunscreen when i run outside. i know this is bad. will i try again in 2011? perhaps.

#2: begin learning spanish. this is an example of a very worthy goal made at the wrong time. i spent the first half of 2010 still in residency, and the second half beginning my fellowship. the circumstances made this an unrealistic aspiration.

so are things different now? to some extent, yes; a little less hectic, and a little more flexible (but just a little). there is a course offered by duke in january that may help me get started; i've also thought about signing up for classes at CHICLE institute, shown above. because i think i need a set time commitment in order to make this one happen.

and i still really, really want (need) to do it. ¡quiero aprender español!

#3: improve my AM routine. finally, a success story! although this is in part because as a fellow (rather than a resident) i no longer need to get to work at 7 AM but can roll in at 8 -- sometimes later, depending on the day.

i still get up early (here's my basic AM schedule), but i have things timed nicely so that generally i fit in a workout, prep a quick lunch, have time to dry my hair, and enjoy a (basically) stress-free ride to work. sometimes this means answering diabetes pages on the way, but i figure that's a small price to pay for accomplishing so much before the workday begins.

and with that, i'm signing off to run some intervals (at the gym; it's 17 degrees outside which is below my personal tolerance threshold).

question of the day: how many resolutions did you make last year? how did things go?

wait! one more thing!
happy birthday, baby! and thank you for being the best.

you make me as happy as this cheesesteak appears to have made you.



workout: 35 minutes elliptical + weights
- 2 x 11 pushups
- 2 x 12 hamstring curls on ball
- 2 x 12 seated rows (45 lbs)
- 2 x 12 leg press (90 lbs)
- 2 x 12 lateral/forward raises (6 lbs x 2)
- 2 x 12 walking double lunges (8 lbs x 2)

real simple strikes again: they really do have great easy recipes! this cauliflower chickpea stew was one of those dump-everything-in-a-pot dishes, and the result was flavorful and comforting.

served with israeli couscous

i added some peanuts on top because i felt it needed a little somethin'-something. i also added curry powder (at josh's request). and i forgot the spinach! but it all worked out just fine.


  1. ¡Buena suerte con el curso de Español!

    I'm going to make the same resolution as you. My skin hates it when I put make up or even some creams, I think hat maybe because I don't take care f it as I should, so one of my next yera resolution is to start a new skin care routine.

  2. Once you get down the basics, I know that UNC offers a course called "Spanish for Health Professionals." I took it in grad school when I was there for counseling; there were mostly social workers but with a handful of med students thrown in. You learn a lot of vocabulary and a lot of the cultural stuff necessary for working with patients.


  3. I am curious to read about your other resolutions and your new set of resolutions. I love making resolutions and write them in different notebooks, which is probably why I lose them. Now I have one master notebook which has all my notes to self, resolutions, monthly goals etc.

    I am trying your breakfast challenge,although my goal will be to eat breakfast daily rather than concentrating on variation :)

  4. One long-term thing to think about- in relation to both your Spanish skills and your community service goals- would be to help Spanish speaking K-12 students do their school work and practice English.

  5. I just looked at my own resolutions, and I have not really met any 100%, but I did succeed in so many other ways. It's nice to make lists of goals, but its also nice to know that not meeting them won't cause our universe to implode. We fnd other ways of thriving!


  7. I never thought to look at the local colleges for Spanish classes...that's brilliant! (See also: I don't see the obvious sometimes...)

    Happy birthday Josh!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Josh!!!!!!

    Love the cheesesteak :)

  9. Ha! Don't even remember my 2010 resolutions, so I probably didn't do very well...

  10. My 2010 resolution was to not resolve anything at all and just to see how things go.

    In the past I had month-to-month reviews to see how I progressed in terms of my new years resolutions!

    and happy birthday Josh!

  11. atilla8:38 PM

    Happy birthday Joshua..oh I listened to La Roux today at your suggestion Interesting