Saturday, December 25, 2010

on page, but still merry & bright

thanks, dr. nick
well, santa MD didn't quite make good on his promise from yesterday. while i got almost no calls during the day, i had 2 lovely late-night awakenings. luckily, no one had to be admitted, so all of the diabetics of durham can enjoy their christmas festivities this morning!

even better, it looks like i don't have to go into the hospital (at least, not as of yet -- this is always subject to change in an instant while on call). the perfect xmas gift for me!

need a break from holiday cheer?
maybe you're working in the hospital today and don't want another reminder of what you're missing out on at home. or perhaps you're just christmased-out . . . if that's possible.

tree in abu dhabi reportedly adorned with $11 million worth of gold and gems [source]

just a little over the top.

either way, i will do a business-as-usual post today. and tomorrow, it's back to the resolution roll-out. [you may or may not be excited, but i know I AM!]

apartment therapy update: #10-12
i'm still on track with the fall cure, though i haven't been posting about it as much!

day 10: make a list of 6 home needs

pretty self-explanatory

day 11: clean one room

scrubbing the MOLD out of the molding = dreaded task

it was worth it, though. even if it's not 100% perfect, it's certainly better. mold everywhere is one of the pitfalls of living in the south -- a small price to pay for shorter winters, i suppose.

day 12: buy flowers.

all right, maxwell, normally i'm happy to play by your rules.

but not on christmas eve when the ones from 5 days ago still look like this!

i will plan on picking up some replacements on sunday while i am grocery shopping. perhaps this will become a new ritual . . . i suppose that's the idea!

movie recommendation
it used to be just non-celebrators who headed to the movies on christmas, but it seems like it's getting to be a more and more popular holiday activity! if you are thinking of going that way today, i HIGHLY recommend this movie:

true grit, with jeff bridges, matt damon, and hailee steinfeld

take bridges' character in crazy heart + damon's fabulous informant, transport them to the wild west, and you get this film.


the acting was top-notch and the whole thing was just so tightly scripted and
well-done - there wasn't a boring moment. josh and i could not stop talking about it during our impromptu indian feast (at mint) afterwards. i only got paged once -- and missed the last 2 minutes! josh filled me in, though.


playing catch-up

12/23: 4 mile run + weights

12/24: because of my newly negotiated restrictions, i went on a WALK for the first time in maybe . . . ever. it was actually rather nice, and peaceful. (but i'd still much, MUCH MUCH rather run. sorry.)

a simple meal
looking for something basic and healthy to counter all of the holiday feasting?

i'll be honest: when i read the recipe for CE's italian shrimp soup, i thought it would be easy and healthy but boring.

in reality, the combination of flavors worked really well (the capers = genius!) and i wholeheartedly enjoyed it -- both for dinner and then again yesterday for lunch. a sprinkle of parmesan (the good kind) added an extra kick of italian flavor the second time around.


  1. I've already seen two movies this long weekend and am about go see a third!

  2. I got fresh flowers the second time and they are still looking good. But I am definitely making this a weekly ritual. I fell off wagon the last two days but I am back on board again!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the holiday. Good for you for sticking to the walk and not breaking out into a sprint:) Looking forward to the resolution roll-out!