Sunday, December 19, 2010

a multithemed post

bittersweet journey
yesterday, i went out for what may be my last 9 mile run for a while. i wish i could say it wasn't glorious.

so long, endurance . . . for now.

but it sort of was. a crisp jaunt through chapel hill wearing my new (!) running jacket and listening to the sound opinions top 10 of 2010 -- i mean, really, it doesn't get much better in my eyes.

[aside: if you love year-end top-10 music lists as much as i do, here are just a few others to check out --> all songs considered, NPR, an unusual chart version, esoteric pitchfork picks, paste online]

attempt to show details on the jacket, but it just looks like amorphous black here!

for now, i am going to limit my mileage to 15 miles weekly (more details in friday's post) -- likely something like 3 runs weekly (max), topping out at a 6 mile 'long' run (hey, it's all relative, right!?). i am not convinced that this is necessary, but i do think it might help, and josh would really like me to try. 6 miles is key in that i can fit nearly an entire this american life or sound opinions into that window!

no sweating allowed
i am trying to get excited about pouring some of my excess energy into more yoga practice and other gentler pursuits. however, i don't even dare hit the mat today, because i spent 4 hours yesterday getting my hair thermally reconditioned (an every 5-6 month ritual for me since 2007). i actually took the plunge and tried a new salon this time, and really liked their approach and (so far) the outcome.

photobooth shot taken shortly after rolling out of bed this AM

the salon is japanese-owned and specializes in japanese treatments and products. i even got to take some home:

as a bit of a japan-o-phile, i was extra excited about these

with any sweat-producing activity strictly contraindicated until tuesday, i guess i'll just have to pour my energies into a) work and b) cleaning!

yesterday's assignment was to clean one room, and i MAY have put it off until this morning. however, tardiness aside, the kitchen now sparkles:

yep, that's pretty much the whole thing

where the magic happens. sometimes.

shiny happy sink

on the docket for today

looks like a lovely day, but obviously i am most excited for the finale. the theme is scandinavian and i got some guidance straight from sweden (thank you again, jenny).



workout: 9-10ish mile run. i have no idea what pace. i ran for about 90 minutes.

festive night: josh had to work last night, and my (sad) plan was to stay home and clean the kitchen (i know, awesome). however, my nearly-next-door neighbor caitlin rescued me from my lameness! instead of sulking, we decorated cookies . . .

and drank margaritas at blue corn café in durham.

nice and tart with plenty of salt on the rim

i always enjoy dining at this homey latin american eatery. it was snowing (barely), and that meant that the place was nearly empty. we got plenty of attention . . . and delicious food, as always.

eggplant + tomato quesadillas + sweet potatoes, black beans, and plantain chips

caitlin and i had a great time talking and relaxing! (thanks again, caitlin, for dragging me out of my lair :) )


  1. Your kitchen and your hair look awesome.

    Don't get too bummed about the running thing. You'll always be able to build up your endurance again.

  2. Love the hair and the sparkly kitchen! :-)

  3. Are lutefisk and lefse on the menu? Those are the only Scandinavian Christmas-type foods I know of. And yes, people around here really eat lutefisk for the holidays. Hope your party is more fun and better smelling than that!

    Also, after a few days of 10+ below 0, 3 degrees actually did feel pretty good. It's amazing how the body- or at least our perceptions- adapts. It's 13 right now with the wind chill so I'm making use of the "warm weather" to wash my winter coat (have to go outside and over to another building to do laundry).

  4. Obviously you can count on me to provide excitement in the form of baked goods :) Thank *you* for helping me get into the holiday spirit!

  5. Sarah, lacey and i got our girltalk tickets, YATZEE! Kitchen looks great.


  6. love the hair!

  7. Three of my favorite things in one post: running, cookie decorating, and Blue Corn Cafe-visiting. I love their sweet potato-black bean stew!

  8. Both the kitchen and you look great. I really like the cut you got!

    I am guessing you didn't serve lutfisk? Not very many people like the jelly-like consistency. Even here in Sweden, it is sometimes used to scare children. As in "Cleen your room or we will have lutfisk for dinner!" :)I may have to try that on Ingrid!

  9. Your hair looks amazing. They did a really good job. One thing that has always worked for me during the "no sweating, no crinkling" period while I sleep is to put a silk pillow case on your pillow - it really helps you get a good night sleep and not mess up all the work.

    From japanese straightening addict (the fauxfoodiegirl)

  10. Hey there - I am just catching up on commenting - I am sorry about reducing the mileage, but I have a friend who swears what allowed her to get pregnant (after over a year of trying) was switching from running to yoga. If I remember correctly, she stopped running in the fall and did a combination of intense and restorative yoga classes and was pregnant by January.

    Your hair looks awesome :)