Saturday, December 11, 2010

work-free saturday

lazy morning
i might have just slept 11 hours. i didn't think i was really all that sleep deprived, but apparently my body begged to differ. all i know is that i feel pretty fantastic this morning!

plus, for the first time in 2 weeks, i have zero work on the agenda! today will be dedicated to:

cleaning our apartment in preparation for our rager little gathering tonight

menu planning and shopping for ingredients for said gathering

a few errands and an easy XT workout to get the kinks out (i have a 5K tomorrow, after all!)

really, it all sounds heavenly.

resolution review: #7-8
we've almost hit mid-december, so it's time to keep moving with this!

#7: practice sustainable eating was divided into three parts (still not fitting the MICRO goals prototype, though!).

part 1: eat more local, organic, and sustainable foods. there is no question that we have done better with this, and it's all because of . . .

local CSA delivery service

by selecting our vegetables based on what is available, we eat much more seasonally, and -- bonus -- the produce is extra tasty because it doesn't travel thousands of miles to get to our door! we are by no means 100% local or organic (i caved and bought some floridian strawberries just this week), but we have definitely made improvements. i think we keep our meat consumption at a reasonable level, and i try to always choose local cuts of grass-fed/free-range meat (from whole foods) when i do make something carnivorous.

part 2: eat slower! fail, FAIL, FAIL. i am going to come up with a more MICRO version of this one for this season. any tips are welcome!

part 3: enjoy cooking and eating out. i would call this one a success! no longer bound by project martha, i've enjoyed dabbling in what other cookbooks and magazines have to offer. and we've gotten to try so many great restaurants this year! some are on this list, but i think there may be enough to warrant a 2010-specific post . . .

#8 take my vitamins.

the eery vitamin-face looks like she's mocking me

i didn't admit it at the time, but that little pink one was a prenatal. did you know you're supposed to take them even while TTC? and yet even thought i've seen plenty of children with spina bifida (associated with not getting enough folic acid), i have completely failed at this resolution as well. #($*&@(#!.

running debate
thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post (i responded there as well). i got word this morning that the fellow i sent my questions to forwarded them to his attending. i will definitely provide an update once i hear from her.



workout: nada. i 'slept in' until 5:45 AM and decided to table my plans for easy XT + some upper body weights until today.

impromptu dinner date: according to our weekly menu plan, josh and i should have been cooking up some soba noodles with chicken and bok choy last night. however, i made the mistake of drinking a beer PRIOR to cooking (rather than doing these activities concurrently), and by the end of my rather strong brew we were both on the couch watching modern family (best show ever, btw) and had no desire to chop, sautée, or (especially) clean up.

so we headed outside . . .

an accurate depiction of how i feel about winter in general

and headed to margaret's cantina, because a) it's close; and b) i really wanted cheese. warm, gooey cheese.

we started off with some (warmed!) tortilla chips & guac:

this bowl was gigantic - we barely made a dent despite eating many a chip each

one of us chowed down on this healthy salad:

and that one of us was not me

it was cheese i wanted, and cheese i got:

mediterranean quesadilla with cheddar, ricotta, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes

josh also enjoyed a non-pictured pork soft taco, which he liked.

somehow even after eating my fill of queso, i found room for a little dessert:

from orange leaf

i was disappointed that there were NO seasonal flavors - even though gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint are advertised on their website! my triangle fro-yo ranking still holds steady:

1) (by far) LoYo

2) good ol' fashioned TCBY

3) orange leaf

enjoy your saturdays!!!


  1. Good for you for sleeping in today, doesn't it feel amazing!

    Have fun at the gathering tonight!

  2. Hi! I read your blog often and had to comment today to tell you I wholeheartedly agree with two things you mentioned. First, Modern Family is amazing - by far the best show on tv right now! Second, I concur with your fro yo rating. A new place is opening in Durham (tutti frutti) and I have high hopes it'll be a better self-serve option than orange leaf but I'm doubtful it'll beat out loyo! Guess we'll see! :)

  3. For you eat slower goal try this: put your fork down in between bites! This is most definitely my goal as well! good luck!