Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the countdown continues

resolution review: book learning
#9: recommit to reading and studying.

unlike many of my other goals for 2010, this one actually did have a MICRO component: i proposed 30 minutes spent (outside of work) either reading or studying, 5 days per week.

since i passed the boards* (yay!) and got my grant finished (double yay!), i wouldn't call this goal a total fail. however, there are always new challenges on the horizon, and there is SO MUCH to learn in the field of endocrinology!

i've already decided that i would like to be more specific in my goals for each week:

now i just need to figure out how to remain focused and disciplined when fear (ie: a $2000 exam; a 25-part grant) is not in the picture.

* since i now feel confident that my study method worked and i know there are peds residents reading, here is another link to the prep calendar i made with 5 weeks until the test (scroll to sept/oct 2010 to see the entries). i primarily studied from laughing your way and did PREP questions. feel free to email me for more details!

apartment therapy
day 1 -- or "clean one room" -- went off without a hitch. i have to admit that i was not as excited about polishing my surfaces as maxwell was:

he is enjoying this A LOT

but dusting the dresser and venetian blinds was somewhat satisfying.

here's our minimalist bedroom, post-clean:

boring = peaceful

actually, i think a calming piece of abstract art with blues and yellows (or an ocean scene?) would be nice over the bed, but i do like this room that many would consider way too boring and spare.

here's our dresser:

now dust-free!

my bedside table:

essentials: murakami, notebook, lotion, lip balm, glasses

you can see who the true minimalist is:

i can't compete with this

today's task is much more fun than vacuuming and surface cleaning . . . check it out! details tomorrow, of course.



workout: 40 minutes on the elliptical + upper body weights

note to self: i do not cook on mondays. mondays are always a bit long (we have a required conference that doesn't start until 5pm) and more than a little draining, and i NEVER want to cook upon returning home. luckily, there were lots of leftovers in our fridge to make this unnecessary!

a smorgasbord of sorts


  1. I think I missed when you got your official results from the boards. Congrats! Not that there was really a chance you wouldn't pass :).

  2. I love that headboard! Where is it from?

  3. emily: all of our bedroom furniture is from the 'malm' line from IKEA! i love it.

  4. I need to do that Apartment Therapy thing. My house stresses me out.

  5. i wish our bedroom was that empty and tidy!!

  6. I watched that Apartment Therapy video yesterday and got a big kick out of how much Maxwell loved waxing the butcher block (and that it was how he'd unwind at the end of a tough day). That's so not me!

    BTW, I just want to say that I look forward to reading your posts every day. I love your approach to organization and juggling multiple responsibilities. And I love that it's real life! I'm probably not as busy as you, but I have been working full time, going to grad school part time, and TTCing, so it's nice to see you juggling it all and still taking care of yourself!

  7. Sarah-- if you would like an ocean scene, Eric has quite a few on his website (www.photoalchemist.com)-- if you seen anything you like we can get you a print!

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Congratulations on passing the board. I understand it is a big thing in medicine in the us, but what is it exactly?
    That apartment therapy challenge sounds really interesting, and I hope to read more of how you are doing with it.
    Can I ask you another question? How do you keep track of your resolutions, and the progress you make on them? Can you write about that a little?

  9. MS: thank you!

    aimee: ooh i'll have to show josh & see what he thinks!

    girlinmaths: it's the national board certifying exam to be a general pediatrician. since i am specializing, it doesn't mean that much but i had to pass that in order to sit for endocrine boards, so it was important! plus, it was $2000 and i would have been really sad to have to shell that out again . . .

    your other question = future post :) thank you!

  10. Loved the smorgasbord - gotta love fun leftovers!