Sunday, November 28, 2010

through the looking glass

conjunctivitis junction
you HAVE no function. other than to make me cry gooey tears over the fact that i cannot wear my contact lenses*! thanks to those of you who sympathize with my (gross) plight. i actually cannot blame anonymous travelers or germ-laden (but cute) baby relatives for this.

he LOOKS innocent. but guess who had the same thing about a week ago!?

i have to admit i'm surprised at the lag time, but i refuse to believe that this is coincidental. i've been mildly sick (not enough to really do anything more than trigger a lot of complaining and lying around) all week, so i think this is just part of some obnoxious adenoviral strain that gets its jollies by invading people's eye sockets.

yay. i am trying to make the best of things and go about business as usual.

* PS: while i am being a bit melodramatic here, keep in mind that i have horrific vision without my contacts (my prescription is for -12.0) and i am not used to wearing glasses for much more than reading in bed (or, during residency, stumbling out of my call room to check on some wheezing asthmatic in step-down). my peripheral vision isn't the greatest with these things on, and neither is my depth perception. plus, (equally important), i look like a big nerd.

i'm not going to lie. i missed having a list!

hopefully, all of the above to-dos will be possible even with four eyes.

it's not all post-turkey/pre-holiday buzz out there!
i loved seeing how many of my favorite bloggers celebrated thanksgiving! but i think i'm ready to move past turkey brining and black friday shopping sprees for now.

two of my favorite posts this morning were:

7 surprising areas where you'll be happier with less from organizing your way

i totally agree with these minimalist sentiments, and as i gear up to clean up around our (little) apartment, i am reminded that despite the commercial messages out there this time of year screaming to "BUY BUY BUYYYYY!!!!", we don't really need anything. (except maybe some new pots and pans, and glass storage containers. fine, minimalism is hard! but anything new coming in needs to be accompanied by something old going OUT.)

michelle's take on home pager call reflects exactly how i feel about it. although josh (who takes home call as well) is usually fairly sensitive to my on-call needs.

chili chill movie night
my request yesterday was essentially to hibernate. a movie night at home + a hot steaming bowl of vegetarian chili just felt right after all of the big holiday meals and busy gatherings.

an alphabetical trip around blockbuster yielded a winner at the very end:

S + J give this one two thumbs up!

and this spicy chili did not have any magical therapeutic eye-healing effects, but it was tasty.

topped with tillamook smoked cheddar, greek yogurt, and a spoonful of guac

all right, off to get started on that (long) to-do list! ahhhhh . . . back to routine.


  1. Aww I hope it clears up fast- that's miserable!! I had that in college and I was horrified I had to wear my glasses for a week.

  2. Popping in to say hello and that reading your blog is often like reading Real Simple to me. I feel refreshed when I'm done! Today it was the mention of "buy buy buy" and how I requested mostly consumables on my Xmas list this year!

  3. Hey list sister ;) . . . I just made my Sunday list as well. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. atilla12:27 PM

    miss you both already

  5. I love that yellow coat-- can I make you a coordinating hat?

  6. Lol and I thought my brother had awful vision. You poor girl, -12? That is crazy!! I loved that movie, but then again Ellen Page is just great in my opinion!! I hope you feel better :D

  7. heather: yep, not looking forward to all of the stares and questions at work tomorrow. . .

    kath: ummmm compliment of the century coming from you!! you should have seen how UN real simple our apt looked pre-cleaning.

    morgan: YES! lists rule. end of story.

    aimee: i would be honored to sport a hat made by you! the coat is actually a bright orange color (j crew called it 'warm pumpkin' a couple years back!)

    samantha: i love ellen page, too. juno was great!

  8. You have such good hand writing! I'm totally a minimalist. Every time I go in a room, I try to take an item out of it! haha

  9. A roller derby movie with the star of Juno? Definitely going on my Netflix queue (if we get Netflix for Christmas). Thanks for the desert island tag. I'm just about to write a response.

  10. first of all: good lord! that's quite a prescription you wear, SHU. but i bet you achieve a nice intellectual-hip look in those glasses. hope your eye is better soon. and btw, "the kids are alright" is a great movie if you're looking for one to see.