Sunday, November 07, 2010


it's amazing how a day can just turn on a dime. after just a 10 minute phone conversation with josh, the entire world seemed to morph from a bleak and uncertain place to a cozy land filled with things to be thankful for. perhaps that sounds a bit dramatic, but it's truly how i felt!

i had a massage scheduled for 1:15 yesterday, and arrived as tense as all get-out. normally, i turn my phone off, but i told tim (best massage therapist ever - locals, i highly recommend!) about the situation and he was completely fine with me leaving it on. for the first 20 minutes, despite tim's valiant efforts, i had been failing miserably to relax and enjoy the experience -- and then BAM: the call i had been waiting for finally came through! i think tim was excited for me; i answered while he moved to work on my legs, and josh and i reconnected at last ( <-- okay, NOW i suppose i'm going a little over the top).

apparently, he had been in the operating room until late on both nights, and did not have easy access to a phone after hours, something he had not anticipated on the first night. i honestly didn't even really care about the circumstances; i was just so happy to hear from him! and the rest of the day was pretty much bliss.

i am thankful that . . .:
all of my loved ones are safe
i do not normally live thousands of miles away from my husband
i got to enjoy an extra hour of sleep last night (much better than last year's arrangement)
the sun is shining and the leaves are beautiful
i'm already getting way less spam in my inbox!
i will have enough time to today to do some work on my grant and enjoy some relaxation

yesterday afternoon in my celebratory mood, i came across what money cannot buy, a site which lists things in this vein -- the intangible things that make life worth living. most examples i agree with:

although not 100%!

i think that "finding out a loved one is indeed okay when you were worried that something was wrong" would rank very, VERY high on that list.

sharing in others' joy
even before The Call, i had a little glimmer of happiness even in spite of my worries over brunch. jessica and i had a table for 2 at watts grocery, but as it turned out, i learned that there were actually 3 present -- jessica is 14 weeks pregnant!

it was a hard-fought battle for her (she shares details in this post), but things have been going beautifully for her ever since. so exciting!

my brunch was not quite as fabulous as that news, but it was still quite nice. this fall scramble contained leeks, spinach, red onion, and sharp white cheddar, though my favorite part of the meal was the biscuit with very fresh-tasting raspberry jam.

speaking of babies, i watched babies (the documentary) on friday night. perhaps it wasn't the best choice for someone who was in the midst of a freakout about the safety of her own future babydaddy (yeah, i just wrote that), but i was still mesmerized.

i could not believe the conditions that the namibian baby was exposed to -- and yet he seemed to thrive anyway! seriously, the kid was pretty much eating mud and being munched by insects 24/7; maybe the hygiene hypothesis has something to it after all . . .

sunday stuff
off to do the sunday stuff! although the laundry is done. i feel pretty much like this:

if you haven't seen the spot-on life cartoons at hyperboleandahalf, check them out now. this artist is an online sensation that deserves every drop of her success.



workout: 40 minutes elliptical levels 9-12 + weights:
- 2 x 12 bicep curls, 12 lbs each
- 2 x 12 seated rows, 55 lbs
- 2 x 12 lateral/forward raises, 6 lbs each
- 2 x 12 reverse crunches
- 2 x 12 leg press, 95 lbs
- 2 x 12 hamstring curl using ball

(i'm including the stats for my 61 year old mother who has recently taken up strength training. it is actually a little disturbing how similar my weights are to hers. ummm, yeah.)

it contains all 4 food groups: when your husband is in another country, it's really not that hard to rationalize eating loyo for dinner once or twice.

pumpkin (vegetable)! cookies (grain)! frozen yogurt (dairy)! pecans (um, protein)? close enough.


  1. I'm so glad you heard from Josh and that all is well. That kind of anxiety is worse than having bad news. This time of year, my "what money can't buy" is walking in out of the cold into a warm place (although I guess money pays for the heat to be on).

  2. atilla10:14 AM

    spoke with joshua last night too all's well

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    so glad you finally got to talk to josh! and i'm hoping i feel like that cartoon after doing my laundry today

  4. A very happy post full of fantastic things :) I loved reading about your day and seeing just how much you share my love of LoYo!!

  5. I watched "Babies" earlier last month and thought it was quite interesting. The Namibian babies were my favorite!!!! They were SOOO funny. I loved how they would mimic each other (looking under the legs when learning to stand, etc). So entertaining.

  6. I went out and rented Babies as soon as I saw your post yesterday! I had been wanting to see it and didn't realize it was already out on dvd! So cute! It was so interesting to see how they all learned and developed over the year, and they all hit the same milestones despite the very different conditions in which they were being raised.

  7. Hyperbole and a half is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. L, da

  8. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I love that the cartoon is wearing her fancy pink dress while doing Sunday laundry. :-p And absolutely no need to even TRY to rationalize frozen yogurt for dinner a few times while your husband is away. Completely acceptable. Nay, encouraged.

  9. Glad to hear he's okay, and he'll soon be home! :)

  10. Oh Hyperbole... HEE I love her!

    Glad your guy is safe and well!