Monday, November 22, 2010

the shortest work week ever

today was sort of a mistake
i wasn't really supposed to be working today. i have the rest of the week off, and we're headed on a whirlwind trip to both philadelphia (tuesday & wednesday) and miami (thursday & friday). but josh said that he was going to have to work, so i figured i might as well save a vacation day.

except now he's changed his mind. ahh well. perhaps the next 9 hours on the pager will help me appreciate the rest of the week off of it! and staying up late to do some vacation prep will help me get converted to a normal-person (ie, not up at 5 am) schedule for the week. finally, if josh is home today, he can help tackle some of the chores on this list (right, babe?!) . . .

pre-vacation checklist
☑ empty out fridge
☑ buy gifts!
☑ generally clean up (it makes homecoming so much more fun)
☑ organize tickets, make sure transportation is set up

scenes from a sunday
i went from holding a newborn so precious i could feel my ovaries swelling:

beautiful new mom a. and her little one

to enjoying a carefree meal (with adult beverages) that made me feel okay about my TTC issues.

our contribution: brie stuffed with cranberries & marcona almonds, vermont sausage, grapes, and hazelnut crackers

ie, everything whole foods had out to taste? i bought.

josh and dr. s. had a rum-tasting: nicaragua vs. the dominican republic. i didn't really like either!
they declared it a draw in the end

smiling "for real" for the camera

k. (dr. s's girlfriend) works part-time as a sommelier at one of the more famous local steakhouses. i was so impressed with this presentation!

braised and roasted lamb, swiss chard, and truffled mashed potatoes

um, i can't believe i ate truffles twice in one weekend. who am i!?

the sweet ending:

cook's illustrated sunken chocolate cakes = a worthy classic

if i were off today, i would:
complete the above checklist
go shopping for a new running jacket
find 100 things to get rid of (i really do want to do this!)
watch the glee i missed last week
enjoy a leisurely yoga session
be in bed right now.

it's wishful thinking, but since i have a string of days off up ahead, i just have to be patient and i can still make all of this happen!

what are your thanksgiving plans? do you prefer hosting or being hosted? we did make our own turkey in 2008, and it was a lot of fun! but if given the option, i prefer going to visit family.



workout: 6 miles @ 8:58 to round out a solid 25 for the week. i just could not get enough of the beautiful running weather!


  1. I'm going to visit my parents in MD for Thanksgiving. Jason and I did our own last year with one other friend and I really missed my family. I think it could be fun if I hosted it and they were all here though.

  2. I will be working the night before and the night of Thanksgiving, then making Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house on Saturday-- that's right, I'M making dinner at THEIR house. Long story.

  3. Guest for sure. We don't have a kitchen table! I'm looking forward to being with family for Christmas, but I'm not unhappy being on our own for Thanksgiving. Plus we're having pre-Thanksgiving with friends tonight which is always fun.

  4. I have always visited families for Thanksgiving. My parents and I would either attend someone else's Thanksgiving or we would just go out to eat. I would love to host a Thanksgiving dinner in the future. But part of me really wants to rebel against all the traditional foods and have Thanksgiving pizza party. Maybe one day...

  5. I always clean before I leave too. It sucks coming back to a dirty home!

  6. Anonymous4:07 PM

    We're going to the in-laws (local) for Thanksgiving day and then driving to my parents' house on Saturday for a visit.

    I'd rather be the hostess, but my mother-in-law loves to entertain and I don't see her relinquishing the duties any time soon. For now I'll be content to take my dish and let her do the real work. :)

  7. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I'm going to my aunt & uncle's house for Thanksgiving. I like going to other people's houses. I feel like it's more relaxing. Hope you had a good day at work!

  8. Truffles twice in one weekend? I know who I am...Jealous. Either chocolate or fungi, it's a win/win.