Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it will all be okay

get it together
i spent over an hour yesterday frantically searching the hard drive of my computer for a document that i KNOW i wrote -- after all, i have a checked off box on november 11th to prove it! it was a 2-pager describing my research experience, and it was particularly painful to write because:

a) my research experience really does not need (or deserve) to take up that much space

b) i had to dig up my senior thesis, which brought back sad memories of stressing out baby rats (on purpose!). <-- see, i even blogged about it! WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS DOCUMENT!?

anyway, i have to conclude that i overwrote it somehow, because as far as my macbook pro is concerned, it does not exist. @(#*&@. it finally hit me that my grant is due in a week and though a ton of work has been put in, i have SO much more to do on it.

josh tried to help, encouraging me to "make a plan!" (where does he GET these ideas!?!?) but i wouldn't hear any of it. i then proceeded to freak out and went to bed crying virally-infested tears, pager at my side.

but this morning, things are better.

** blogging interrupted by break to follow my own advice **

i can do this!

in addition to creating a specific plan of attack, i did something i do not usually do and emailed my attending to ask for a free afternoon on wednesday to get some work done. because it's okay to ask for help! especially in times like these. and my glasses (ie: overall pitiful look) might actually make others more sympathetic to my case. is it possible that there is really a positive side to conjunctivitis?

let's talk about something else
all right, enough grant talk. i have something interesting i need to share with you all, discovered right in the heart of havertown, which is where i grew up.

a little perspective from the suburb's wikipedia page:
"Widely referred to as "H-Town," Havertown's ZIP Code is 19083. Havertown is notable for being the birthplace of Swell Bubble Gum, which closed its doors in late 2004. Havertown is one of the few towns that have a Superfund site caused by a timber mill that finished telephone poles; the chemical that was used to coat the telephone poles was dumped into the ground."
aaaaaaand both the bubble gum factory and the superfund site (yaaaay chemicals!) were located less than a mile from our house, which is why i cannot stand the smell of bubble gum to this day and why my offspring may have three eyes (kidding . . . i hope). anyway, it's not exactly trendy up in there.

but check this out:

looks like a fro-yo shop, right? i know; they're everywhere now. but no -- look closer. things are not exactly what they appear . . .

there are toppings:

but instead of putting these delicacies on yogurt, this new establishment sells (drumroll, please) . . .


i know, right?!

there are over a dozen flavors, mostly rice-based:

you can order your pudding chilled or warmed up

josh and i just HAD to try some:

pumpkin rice pudding with butterscotch chips

it was . . . interesting. i have to say i prefer my precious LoYo, but i could see it hitting the spot on a snowy day.

here it is, folks -- pudding lane. unless you happen to live in "H-town", you heard it here first!



workout: 35 minutes elliptical (levels 9-12) + weights (pushups, leg press, hamstring curls, ball plank-to-tucks, lat pull-downs, lateral/forward raises)

cooking: leftovers night! as i had written about, this is exactly what monday usually calls for around here.


  1. atilla6:44 AM

    couldn't they have thought of a better name than pudding lane?

  2. You were brave to try that! I am a bit scared of puddings, unless it is creme brulee. We serve rice pudding with oranges at christmas here and it always grosses me out a little, unless it is home-made.

    Good luck with grant re-writing. How stressful! But I bet you'll be so happy once the grant is submitted. Book a massage or a celebratory long run followed by dinner out. You have earned it!

  3. You have to hand it to them for trying something different. Yogurt places are popping up here on every block.

  4. I'm unreasonably fond of butterscotch pudding-- specifically that made in the hospital cafe. Fortunately, they only have it on rare, random nights and I don't always put myself in the way of temptation.

    Sorry about your proposal :( Does "My computer ate my homework" work at all as an excuse?

  5. I had no idea that this Puddling Lane existed. I must check it out next time I am home. That's too funny. And about the Wikipedia H-town article....scary!!!

  6. Kristin8:58 AM

    did you ever email those missing documents? they may still be in your outbox. it's a long shot but it has saved me on more than one occasion. good luck!

    also, what planner are you using in your picture?

  7. Omg, Dave would FLIP out!!!! He Loves pudding!!!

    And I hope you find the document, Macs can be tricky :-(.

  8. It's not just pudding, according to the website, it's gourmet pudding. I hope you find the document or remember enough about what you wrote that re-writing it won't be as painful as doing it the first time..

  9. Not a big fan of puddings but my husband is! So sorry about the document. I hope you find it or if you have to rewrite it, I hope you find the motivation and inspiration to whiz through it!

  10. Anonymous11:25 AM

    pudding?! i think i'd have to try it. over thanksgiving my aunt made the best gingerbread/pudding/whip creme dessert. and i rediscovered that pudding is pretty awesome :)

    goooooooood luck with the grant! i'm about to embark on writing my own soon for the clinic and i'm scared!

  11. That pudding place looks awesome! There's a place like that in NYC called Rice to Riches that makes amazing variations on rice pudding.

    Thanks for answering the undergrad's question in your previous post. I'm a pre-med college student currently juggling physics, orgo 2, and MCAT class (all things I'm sure you remember!) and appreciate all of your advice on scheduling and managing everything:)

  12. A pudding bar? Interesting....

  13. OOH! I love pudding! I must find this place and try it for myself!