Friday, November 19, 2010

fashion friday: das boot

shubox greetings
dear boots,

we have an odd relationship. i covet you from afar, but when we actually get together i am always disappointed. you flatter other girls, but never me! i love you in theory, but can't imagine how you would really fit into my life. i hope that someday, our tumultuous fling might evolve into something more meaningful -- more real. perhaps this is our year?

super-cute brass & band booties are under $100. what would you wear with?

i find these precious metals booties by frye glitzy in just the right way.

falling temperatures boots look versatile, but perhaps hard to pull on?

pampas boots (also by frye) are a serious consideration - but currently sold out in my size!

are you rocking some great boots already this season? how can i get these babies to love me back?

breakfast challenge: day 5
i am not really quick to jump on blog-borne food trends (the green monster, the OIAJ). but i've always been intrigued by the concept of overnight oats.

last night, i was pleased to find that the number one hit on google for this concept was from kath! i made the pumpkin version described in her post.

the night before . . .

and the morning of!

a magic thickening process seemed to occur overnight, and i did enjoy the 'doughy' texture of the oats (kath always used this descriptor and i didn't get what she meant until this morning). i topped my oats with sunflower butter + pumpkin butter, plus a dusting of flax (for those omega-3s!). i enjoyed the change and would definitely make them again!

what's wrong with this picture?

absolutely nothing.

yesterday, i had to write yet another piece of my grant. i bribed myself with wine which instantly made the task seem less onerous, and got the words flowing! don't worry, i won't be trying this trick for AM writer's block.



workout: i switched around all of the days last week, it seems! instead of the gym, i headed outside for 5 easy and was rewarded with a lovely run. 9:03/mi with an effortless feel.

clean eating cookbook success: their recipes are rarely on line, but this one is! that is a good thing, because i really liked it.

i used annie chun's pad thai noodles and substituted string beans (since that's what we had) for the red peppers. i also left out the tomato paste because i didn't feel like opening up a whole container (read: lazy). it still worked!


  1. I wish I could stumble upon the most perfect pair of boots. For years, I have searched to no avail. I don't know how so many people make the "tall boots" look work. I love the Fryes!

  2. I do have a cute pair of ankle boots (from Naturalizer, but I swear they aren't old lady-ish) but both of my other pairs are of the snow rather than fashion variety.

  3. Tall boots are hard for short-to-average height ladies. I finally found a pair that work-- they are pull-on style, so it's part of the style that they are kind of loose at the top. In my opinion, if they're going to make wide calf boots they should also make short shin boots!

    And re: tomato paste-- you should seek out the Amore brand-- it comes in a toothpaste-style metal tube, so you can squeeze out just what you need! I always have some in my fridge.

  4. Anonymous8:16 AM

    i am not rocking the boots yet. i actually don't own boots other than my winter snow boots. shameful no? but my roomie is a boot fanatic so i'm sure that'll change this winter...

  5. Anonymous8:28 AM

    i AM DYING FOR A GOOD PAIR OF LEATHER BOOTS....well flat ones........ I have heeled ones, but those aint practical for school! no sirreee!!

    posting about you and your kindness NOWWWWWW! :)


  6. I don't understand how to wear short boots or booties. Do you wear them under jeans? Over them? With tights? Leggings?

  7. Boots! You can totally work boots. I'm fairly short (5'3"-5'4") and I LOVE my tall boots, which I have had for two years. They're similar to these ( but mine have a zipper up the side and I got 'em 50% off at Nordstrom. ;)

    They are incredibly comfortable, actually, I can wear them all day (probably because they have Nike Air cushioning). I wear them either with a skirt or on top of skinny jeans. They dress up an outfit, but I don't think they're too fancy. Call me crazy, but I actually think they're pretty practical.

  8. I'm keeping my fingers and toesies crossed that when I go to San Francisco for T-day, the Doc Martens store will have a pair of boots AND that they will fit me! I spent a Sunday afternoon in October looking at boots, and nothing really worked, in part because they were big around my calves and just did not look great. That said, I actually do have 2 pairs of boots from years past that I continue to wear and enjoy.
    I would wear the booties with pants, but I know that some people can pull them off with skirts or leggings. It's just not my look!

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  10. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I have a pair of medium-height, super cute boots that my mom got in Columbia when she was 23! I found them in her closet a few years ago and have put them to good use since then.

  11. Fun FYI on those Frye boots... They're ON SALE on the Zappos web site and all sizes are still available. So have fun shopping!

  12. I've got issues with booties as well. They just don't agree with my chappy ankles.

  13. But what DO you wear on a cold and rainy day if you don't wear boots?

  14. Haha I love how you keep sneaking pb into your Breakfast Challenge. ;)

    I feel like boots are one of the fall/winter things that I can buy and wear for more than one month down here. I like those studded ones.

  15. One more breakfast idea (my go-to on winter mornings): bobs red mill 7-grain hot cereal with soy milk, maple syrup, dried cranberries, and pecans. 4 mins in microwave then 4 mins on counter to cool. (stovetop takes a long time)

  16. Love all those boots, but I think the falling temperatures pair is my favorite!
    Oh, and guess what? The kind people at Clean Eating sent me a copy of the new cookbook--I sat down and read it last night with delight:)

  17. I really want to try boots but I am not sure I'll be able to carry them off, would love to try them some time though! That's a clean looking email!

  18. I am wearing my new pair of knee high chocolate brown riding boots over a pair of jeans today. I love them! I am SO glad that flat boots are in style. They are so comfortable. I wore them all day and I'm even wearing them out to dinner tonight. I highly recommend them. I've seen plenty of shorter girls rock them. I'm not sure if I can wear them with anything besides jeans, though. I could use some fashion help on that one.

  19. everyone: thank you for sharing your boot experiences! if i ever find my boot soul (sole?) mates, i will let you all know pronto.

    bhut: O M GGGGGGGG! now i wish i had wrangled them for one :) it might have worked!

    jenny: umm . . . heels!? it's a sad commentary on where i live and work, perhaps, but since it's just running from my apartment door to my parking spot (the hospital parking garage is in an underground tunnel!), getting drenched in the rain isn't typically a problem. plus, we don't get much snow in NC!

  20. I want to like boots......but I'm a bit fashion impaired and need someone to take me to get the right pair! This is super sad since boots are all the rage right now...

  21. atilla8:15 AM

    i think the faliing temps are the only ones that will look sylish and not clunky