Friday, November 26, 2010

endless summer

3:30 AM wakeup call
even i (the quintessential early bird) was less than thrilled about boarding our second crack-of-dawn flight in 48 hours.

but josh loves his miami thanksgiving (it's pretty much a non-negotiable to him), and we were determined to spend time with both of our families yet again.

miami thanksgiving is different
not in the gustatory sense . . .

you can imagine which one of us had room for dessert

but in almost every other respect.

there are >50 attendees at our miami thanksgiving . . .

seats are prearranged. i lucked out seated next to this stunning conversationalist!

the preferred methods of travel are a little different:

cousins departing in style

the scenery doesn't exactly scream "winter wonderland". . .

water, water everywhere

and an impromptu pool party is more than likely to erupt.

even babies get in the action

all in all, it's pretty fabulous. but as a runner, i have to say --

there is a downside to all of this sun & fun
at 9 am!!? josh and i are headed out on what is to a become a sweaty slog. i will try to keep my complaints to a minimum as we tread through the beautiful palm tree-lined streets.

see you back in NC!


  1. Guf - and here I was irritated with a high of 72 here a couple days ago! Maybe we can do a run in more seasonally appropriate weather when you get back to CH.

  2. Oh, I am so jealous! It is 18F here (-8C) and I an *freezing*. Altough this is Sweden, in my neck of the woods it is normally never this cold in November. Ugh. Send me a palm tree and a pool party, please!

  3. Susan Mc2:42 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing better than a house full o'family!! (except getting home!)
    Enjoy your holiday!

  4. I want Miami thanksgiving!!!!

  5. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Sad to say it, my plate was probably closer to Josh's than yours! :-p It's ok, though, I still had room for dessert.

    So fun to see that you were in Philly for part of the holiday; I'm so close to there. Hope you had a wonderful time in between all your jet-setting. My favorite part might very well have been the crocheted pumpkin pie slice.

  6. i would LOVE to be running in 80 degree weather! miami looked fun. hope your flight was filled with sleep.