Saturday, November 06, 2010


update: he's fine! he finally called (20 minutes into my massage . . .) and apparently making a phone call was a lot harder than he thought. i have never left that place so much more relaxed than i came in!!! i'm so relieved. thank you to all for your logical words of wisdom! you were right :)

remaining calm
josh called on wednesday night -- the night he arrived in nicaragua. i was half asleep, but i am 100% sure he promised to call the very night evening.

but then he didn't.

and then he didn't, again.

i'm trying not to panic. i'm trying not to freak out. but when your husband is in another country in which you do not speak the language and you were provided with absolutely no contact information whatsoever, and you do not get phones calls from him when they were promised, and you're someone with my degree of co-dependence and paranoia --


i really really hope i hear from him soon.


  1. I hope you do too!!!

    PS. See you at Watt's :)

  2. Anonymous7:21 AM


    Hang in there. I'm sure you will here from him soon and I'll bet he's beyond busy. Maybe having emergency contact info in the future would help you feel like you have a connection.

  3. I'm sure everything is fine - inconvenient and stressful, but fine. Stay calm, and that phone will ring soon!

  4. Sarah, you will hear from him. I know this feeling and it is a terrible one but I imagine that he is just busy running around and doing all that he is doing coupled with the time difference. You will hear from him soon so until then, deep breaths and try to keep yourself busy.

  5. hope everything is okay. hang in there!

  6. Elizabeth8:19 AM

    As someone who for years had a boyfriend who traveled for up to two months at a time to places with spotty cell phone reception (oceans) and I never knew when I might hear from him, this brings back memories of all kinds of anxiety. I'm sorry to see you go through it! My unsolicited advice: just try to remember that if he has only this one way of communicating with you, there are many logistical reasons why something might have interfered. He may not have anticipated those reasons on his very first night. And trust that Josh did have to give some emergency contact info, so if there was truly something to worry about, someone on his end would be in touch quickly. And it's normal if you don't find it easy to relax until you hear from him, so don't cause yourself any extra anxiety fretting about the fretting. It's just terrible being so far apart from someone you love so much. I can't wait to hear that you've heard from him and know all is well.

  7. atilla10:08 AM

    I feel the same

  8. I agree that he probably promised to call before he realized he wouldn't get cell phone reception where he is. In the absolute worst case scenario, I'm sure the group he is with has emergency contact information for all it's members and you would know if something was wrong. Not that it makes it any easier, but I think in this situation no news is probably good news.

  9. Sarah,

    I do exactly the same thing when my boyfriend travels, which (thankfully) is not often. It is a horrible feeling. I agree with what Elizabeth said above - assuredly whoever he's with has emergency info and you would have been contacted if something had gone awry. My advice is to keep yourself BUSY, so busy, and get yourself out of the house - even if it's to Starbucks to do work. I totally feel for you in this! It'll be okay.

  10. I'm sorry. I hope you hear from him soon.

  11. I hope you hear from him soon. I seem to remember he went to Nicaragua through a program (ie it was a group of doctors who went together, right?) - they will contact you should you need tobe contacted, or alternatively, you could always contact them.

    Big hugs. Hope you hear from Josh son!!!

  12. I'm sure everything is fine! Hang in there and I will pray for him and that everything is OK! Keep yourself distracted!

  13. Stephanie S.6:57 PM

    So glad you heard from Josh! Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend-- and relax :)

  14. Yay! You heard from Josh! I am so happy for you.. now you can really enjoy the rest of your weekend!