Monday, October 04, 2010

shifting tides

i spent the past weekend off the grid (well, as off-the-grid as one can actually be in a full-service hotel suite).

okay, perhaps i wasn't all the way off.

but there was little to no . . .
"screen time" (includes blogs, movies, and TV!)
thinking about work
time spent at the gym

and a there was a maximum of
running outside
enjoying new music
appreciating nature
couples time
quiet contemplation

it was as nice as it sounds and even a little bit inspiring. i found myself truly relaxing, but also thinking about what is truly important to me and the ways in which i would like my life to change. i have felt really stressed out lately, and i'm not sure that OVERDRIVE is really the gear i want to be stuck in for the rest of this decade.

while staring at the waves, i made the following conclusions:

i want to work hard while at work, maximizing my focus and flow so that i can accomplish meaningful and important things
i want to be able to feel satisfied with my efforts at the end of each day . . .
. . . and then i want to be able to go home and enjoy other pursuits.
i want to spend less time connected to the internet
. . . and more time connecting with people.
i want to relax more and enjoy time outside
i want to do more yoga
i want this to be the year i finally break down and buy some boots.

these crossweave boots might be just the ticket for my short limbs

what? not every ocean-inspired thought has to be deep.

catch-up day
today is the first monday i will not be signing onto the pager at 8! the second-year fellow will be covering clinical duties and i officially start my first research block. i plan to spend today doing a lot of busywork leftover from the clinical realm, and then sending some emails to get things rolling on the research side. i am ecstatic at the thought of having hours to just get things done without the pager mocking me every hour with its shrill reminder that i am not really in charge of my day.

on the docket
for the rest of this week . . . some progress on the remaining 'pages' on this blog. i still have run, work, shop, cook, and smile to fill up with links and useful tidbits. i'm sure no one is hanging on with baited breath waiting for these to get completed, but let me know if you have a request for which one to do first! it would certainly be motivating.



the rundown: all i felt like doing this weekend was running outside . . . so i went with it! a guesstimated 9 miles (3 with josh) on saturday, and 4 (all with josh!) at the beach (well, on the roads near the beach . . . ) on sunday. my polar needs a new watch battery, so i'm data-less for now. i have to admit, though, i miss seeing my splits! i am going to get it replaced soon.

real simple strikes again: after drinking half of this (2-serving) pumpkin ale with 9% alcohol-by-volume . . .

the skull and crossbones are there for a reason

dinner NEEDED to be simple! luckily, the recipe required a minimum of brainpower and only a modest amount of dexterity.

their version:

my version, whole grain-i-fied:

with bonus avocado slices for good measure. yum!

board prep overdrive: begins . . . now.


  1. hey sarah - yours looks better than the magazine pic :) glad you had a great weekend... xoxo

  2. I vote for work. L, da

  3. i finally broke down and bought a pair of boots today! kind of excited to wear dresses and skirts this winter (though i suppose i might have to find some more winter dresses and skirts to wear!)

    sounds like it was a good weekend! i like adventure seeking. and the ocean, also.

  4. Stephanie S.6:54 PM

    I like your "I want" list. I was thinking about it in a Happiness Project way, and I wonder if goal lists are how we achieve our "I want" list? [Or, maybe I'm overthinking it and that's just a list of good things!]

    Why do boots always seem like such a big commitment?! Price? The statement they make?