Saturday, October 09, 2010

reason #238 not to complain

pager run
i have to admit, i was feeling a little sorry for myself yesterday. the weekend weather was looking gorgeous, and everyone was talking about their exciting and fun plans to enjoy this lovely season! there's something just sad about hearing all of this when you know you're on call for the weekend, as michelle actually commented on her post just yesterday.


while she had to drag her ass into a dimly lit OR, i went ahead and took my pager out for a 10-mile run in the brilliant october sunshine. sure, the integrity of my workout may have suffered a bit as i stopped to answer pages on four occasions (9:11, 9:35, 9:45, and 10:07, to be specific). but i was out there! while on call! and it worked out just fine, as luckily none of the calls took too much time to deal with and i was able to get right back on my way.

clearly, i don't have it so badly.

the rest of today
i'm looking forward to a quiet and productive day. maybe it's the endorphins talking, but i'm even at peace with the fact that my pager will be a-ringin' with diabetes calls (we have several new diagnoses and it really is important that they call to check in and with any questions that come up).

(yes, s, that is my several-months-overdue gift for your son on that list. better late than never, right!?!?)

happy saturday! even if, like me, you'll be spending it on call.



workout: 30 minute AM yoga session from yogadownload. this was a good way to start a bustling friday.

back to real simple: i switched the order of the dishes around slightly (hey, it's my cooking challenge - i make the rules!) and went for curry shrimp and snow peas. here's theirs:

and here's mine!

i have such bad lighting issues recently!

this was quite an easy dish, and josh liked it. i was slightly annoyed that they called for the snow peas to be sliced, finding this step a bit fussy. however, i will vouch for the super-simple coconut milk + thai red curry paste sauce. i used brown rice and light coconut milk to healthify things a little; otherwise, i was true to the recipe.

board prep: uh, after finally catching off i slacked again! but today i'm hopping right back to it.


  1. When my husband made this dish, he said "I don't know what they meant by slicing the snow peas." LOL So he didn't cut them up at all. We also used light coconut milk and brown rice! Great minds... :)

  2. atilla3:06 PM

    do you think a board review course would be a good way to destress the preparation?

  3. atilla: i am all for board review in certain circumstances, but most people don't take one for peds. i have in-training scores from the past 3 years which suggest i shouldn't have a problem passing, so even though i am still stressed (i think almost everyone still is!) i don't think it would have been worth the $.

    then again, if i fail, i am SO taking one for next time!

    oh, and i probably will take a course for my endo boards! it seems like many fellows do.

  4. I'm confused. Why must snow peas be sliced? Huh? They're prettier whole, too. Bad lighting aside, I think yours look more wholesome and scrumptious! ;-)