Friday, October 08, 2010

fall frocks + a thank you

fashion friday: SALE edition
i have been really impressed with my favorite retailer's fall offerings, at least online (i haven't had a chance to visit the actual store in a while!).

i mean, gorgeous, right!?

equally as impressive has been their recently unveiled sale section, full of fall-appropriate items. given that it's just starting to cool down over here, the timing couldn't be better. i have also started to realize that 70-80% of what i love from anthropologie will eventually be available on sale if i am careful to track it closely.

this is important, since i do not yet fall into their targeted demographic ("a professional woman aged 30 to 45, well-read, well-traveled and well-educated, with a household income approaching $200,000," as stated here), at least with respect to income. although truth be told, i actually find this description comforting because it means i won't be 'aged out' of the store anytime soon!

without further adieu, here are some of my favorites from the current (virtual) sale rack:

the stratified dress could easily bridge work and a night out -- practically irresistable at $70 (from $130)

the violet gloaming dress would be a unique and pretty choice for a wedding or other fancy event, $130 from $268

midnight's spring cardigan, $50 from $98, would be more practical if it wasn't dry clean only

i'm not the hugest fan of this top's shape, but oh the COLORS! forgotten pond tank, $50 from $98

why buy super-pricey jeans when you can find cute modern ones on sale for $50? pilcro tinted, marked down from $98

i'm not sure how those bows on the hips would translate to real life, but these sweet sipping trousers would be worth a try-on at $60 from $118

i wanted this pattern maker's coat when it first came out, and now it's $100 instead of $228!

a final fashion-related note: if you're lazy into efficiency like i am, the very easiest way to see new sale items as soon as they are available is to follow miss roxy at effortless anthropologie. she posts a list akin to this one every time a new outcropping is released!

thank you, mothers
on a more serious note, i would like to say thank you to everyone who commented yesterday. your words were thoughtful, and i really appreciated hearing from those of you with experience balancing career and motherhood.

in josh's defense, he says that most of what he was thinking was that because i plan to work part-time, i would have less heartache and fewer feelings of inadequacy related to not spending time with my family because of my job. i have no idea if he's right about this or not -- perhaps it might just lead to feeling even more frustrated, because i wouldn't have 'the excuse' of a full-time job (and 'part-time' in medicine is often not quite what it's cracked up to be . . . ).

that said, i would hope that if i truly were miserable or felt like my family was being shortchanged, i would be proactive about my life and make changes. i am thrilled to hear that there are many of you out there doing both things -- "imperfectly" (who does anything perfectly, anyway!?) but with joy and no regrets.

i hope that when i eventually do reach that same juncture, i can turn to you all again for help and advice -- it seems there are a lot of wise voices out there!

small victories
it wasn't easy . . .

and perhaps it even got a little ugly by the end (PREP questions and wine weren't meant to go together). but i am happy to announce that i am caught up in my study plan!

i have also decided to stop stressing about these boards. i have put in plenty of time. i learned a lot in residency. i'm (thank heavens) a good test taker, and i'm not going to fail. and that's that.



workout: 4 miles on the TM + upper body weights. this run was rather obnoxious because a) i forgot my iPod and b) my hairband broke, and then i lost it, so i had to run while flicking my sweaty mane out of my face every 5 seconds. i still did a decent tempo section (1 mi @ 9:13/mi, 2 mi @ 8:00/mi, 1 mi @ 9:13/mi), so all was not lost.

meal prep was pushed aside for board prep. plus, there were many leftover meatballs to be eaten!

board report: caught up, baby! now i just have to do a reasonable amount each night until test day (10/18).


  1. Yuck about the hair. Once- back when I had long hair- the same thing happened to me and I had to tie it back with my hand towel. It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    yay for stopping stressing about the boards. you are totally going to rock them :)

    and, i think i always say this, but i LOVE your sense of style. want to be the big sister i never had and teach me all you know?! hahah

  3. I think working part-time is the best solution to the mother vs career thing. But I also think you never know how you'll feel til your in the situation- so being open to change is so important!

  4. Speaking from experience, there is a two month period in pregnancy where you can't wear your clothes but maternity clothes are way too big. The Forgotten Pon tank would be perfect for that time!

  5. You're right, you will not fail. I love that coat from Anthro. I wonder where they get their figure of 200K from. I don't make near to that, but I still shop there. Hmmmmm. I guess we make small sacrifices. I'm pretty sure that wine and studying got me through college. You're totally doing it right!

  6. Kind of in love with those sweet sipping trousers. Did someone say bows?