Monday, October 25, 2010

back to it!

change of pace
nothing like a weekend change of scenery to put a spark back into your regular life. or, i'm thankful to say, at least that's how it feels this morning!

i feel like i've been in a bit of a rut lately on several fronts.

work rut. post-boards reaction? or perhaps i'm missing my regular clinical duties? i don't know, but i now have just one week left of my research month and a LOT of work to do!

i have high hopes of making this time as productive as possible.

food rut. i didn't do my usual grocery shopping or cooking last week, and my nutrition has definitely suffered significantly! i don't want to admit how many meals over the past 7 days were comprised of toast + nut butter.

it was fun at first, but now i'm actually tired of that combination (previously, i didn't think that was possible!) and just craving REAL FOOD, preferably loaded with green and orange ( <-- it's pumpkin season, after all).

workout rut. i ran 33 miles last week! i actually think this is more running than makes sense right now, and both of my achilles tendons agree this morning. i have been been doing only very modest and half-hearted cross-training, and nearly all of my miles have been at a relaxed pace.

i was complaining about feeling like i was plodding and josh commented, "well, it's almost like you read all of daniels running formula (great book, by the way!) and made a point of doing exactly the opposite of everything you're supposed to do." and he was right! i shouldn't be so surprised, and i certainly shouldn't whine about it.

writing rut. hopefully you all aren't nodding your heads TOO MUCH in agreement right now, but i feel like i could use some inspiration for fresh content on this here l'il website. i think i will take the rest of this week to work on finishing up my pages.

tomorrow's project: the run tab. this shouldn't be too hard, especially since i've already written a 6-part running story series.

shopping rut.

out of stock!?!? #(*&#@.

** a quick hello to new visitors swinging over from kath or meghann's sites! this place is a (usually) happy mish-mosh of -- well, all of the above. welcome & come back anytime! **


  1. Ruts are necessary things, they challenge us to grow and change things up a bit. I love Anthropologie but hate that I can never justify buying anything from there. Too pricey for me.
    Just think, at least you are still taking care of yourself and both eating well and running. That's not a bad thing. Now do some yoga!!

  2. I so hear you on the ruts - for me it's been a result of the fact that from right before labor day to mid october I worked every day including weekends. As a result, had it not been for posting a daily l unchbox or whatever else I was eating, I would have barely blogged for over two months. So now I feel stuck in this food blogger rut, where I what I really want to do is more a of mix. And as for work, working out, cooking - almost everything has been boiled down to routines to make things manageable with having no time, but that means feeling like I am in a rut everywhere. Good luck with the last week of your research month!!

  3. a) I love that you have a "plan of attack" and not a to-do list ;)
    b) I miss you!

  4. We got in a dangerous food rut last week. I didn't get around to my usual weekend grocery run, and we were eating off leftovers and anything that happened to be in the pantry or freezer. It was frugal, I guess, but a little bit over-processed, compared to our usual fare.

  5. Soy free at an asian restaurant? I totally agree. It was amazing!

  6. Totally unrelated to your post today, but did you see that The Happiness Project is becoming a TV show? My first reaction was horror. Like I think of it as some special self-improvement secret and turning it Hollywood will take all the personal enrichment out of it. I totally get where she would want to publicize it and make more money off it, but a TV show? Then I thought, well, maybe that will help more people learn about the book and that's cool. I keep flip-flopping between those ideas. What did you think?

  7. astrid: thanks, babe! and yes, i need to hit the yoga mat!

    valerie: maybe start some sort of 'series' on your site? like, top 10 ___ , or a bunch of new goals? that sometimes helps me when i am tired of writing about the same things. i should take my own advice :)

    heather: right back at ya

    megan: that's basically what happened here, too. i didn't think it would be so bad, but it really is hard to eat well with no fresh food around.

    meagan: yay!

    julie: i had the SAME exact response sequence that you did! like, "NO!!" -- and then just minutes later, "well, maybe it will increase awareness and help others." i do like kristin davis, though she would not have been who i would have guessed would play a role like that!

  8. atilla9:23 PM

    welcome back

  9. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Your fruit mug is so freaking adorable! I might have a slight mug addiction, though, so please don't mind me if a mug is a mug to you. :-p

    I hear you on the ruts. I feel like my life is going through a rut in general right now. Hopefully you can pull out of them soon!