Saturday, September 11, 2010

tab #1: organize

[note: since i know there is no way that i am going to be able to write content for the new tabs AND daily posts, i thought i would just roll them into one for the next week or so.]

paper princess
i am a paper princess and a list-making queen. i love paper. planners, list-making pads, and old-fashioned stationery -- all of it makes my heart sing. my days become brighter and more productive, and life is just better for me when i've planned it out in list form!

case in point

here are just a subset of posts which feature some of my favorite (low-tech) organization tools.

review post all about my favorite planner (shown below).

what i would consider the #1 organization/life management tool of all time

this post is a glimpse into the ridiculously expensive (but pretty) binder i use for keeping work info handy and organized.

check out russel + hazel at your wallet's own risk

this post showcases my favorite menu-planning tool, as well as a collection of time-saving tips submitted by readers

back to school features a short list of my favorite products for fall (done before i acquired my new favorite pens)!

time matters
i have no sense of space or direction, but i think i've developed a pretty keen sense of time management over the years. here are a few posts i've written that focus on routine and time management:

a few rules that help me increase productivity (and lower stress) in the morning

blow-by-blow of my typical morning routine

link to the HLS presentation i did with kath and morgan on getting the most out of your time

my priority list. i found writing this out to be helpful.

my take on goal setting (who knew this was a controversial topic?)

what would you do with an extra . . . (hour, day, week, year)? here are my ideas; try out the exercise for yourself!

thoughts on procrastination (yep, i do it, too). the valuable part of this post is not in my writing but in the comments.

a post in which i discuss multitasking, something that i believe is terribly tempting, but bad. zen habits agrees!

plan in fun! an example of how i've laid out time for a family visit here.

happy listing

discover the power of paper

of course, if you have more organizational tips (links to favorite posts, tools, or tricks) to add, i'd love to see them in the comments!


  1. Ooo Sarah please don't tempt me with expensive planners & stationary- I might not be able to resist!! :)

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    i love your dedication to posting every day :)

    and oh man! i want ALL that stuff. my inner nerd is singing with joy looking at those pictures :)

  3. I absolutely adore organization <3

    I get thrilled when I but new pens or paper or notebooks to make notes and lists in. :)