Monday, September 06, 2010


can i hold back?
i'm one of the wordiest bloggers i know. in truth, this site actually had NO pictures for years! my camera skills are still far from developed (get it?) . . . but i'm going to try to keep my mouth (hands?) shut and let yesterday's images speak for themselves. (well, plus captions. because writing those one-liners is my favorite part of photography!).


guglhupf: durham brunch hotspot

dessert first! so good after finishing 10 miles . . .

1/2 roasted beet, walnut, goat cheese & arugula sandwich + 1/2 turkey, brie and apple chutney

garden picture party


near the site of our wedding, just 4.3 years later . . .

i want my sister's H&M dress

improper attire for jungle exploring

really improper attire

parental portrait

forbidden fruit

wedding aisle: under construction

celebri-dog: according to his owner, he's been in several ads & greeting cards!

take me out

to the Bulls game . . .

take me out to the crowd.

go bulls! (we won)

go durham.

meal math

one good recipe + 2 excellent cooks (mom + sister) = lovely dinner.


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Love those shoes! They're so adorable! Where did you get them?

  2. they're from anthro: cherry juice heels. they are sold out now but perhaps you could find them on ebay? the brand is miss L-fire.

  3. Great photos! I have really want to go to the Carolinas.

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love guglhupf - that beet sandwich looks so good!

  5. atilla5:05 PM

    do you work for the chamber of commerce?

  6. Pictures are nice, but a good juicy paragraph can be nice too! :D

  7. Two of my favorite places in Durham!! That beet sandwich looks amazing, so I might just have to convince Seth to take me there again one of these days...

  8. aww...we've been to guglehupf too and had a pretty decent meal there. now off to google what guglehupf means...