Saturday, September 18, 2010

own it

just another work day
i have a lot to do today:

plus, i'm still on page until monday at 5 pm (admittedly, i'm already looking forward to the glorious feeling of signing off!).

initially, i started feeling a little bit sorry for myself. my inner id whined, "it's saturday . . . why can't i just relax and do what i want?"

but then, several things occurred to me:

a) i picked this job! i should own up to my choice, or make a different one.

b) it's really not that bad and there is nothing on that list that is truly offensive to my sensibilities.

c) josh left for work before 6 AM this morning (poor guy). he didn't complain! and i work WAYYYYY less than he does.

d) 'back in the day' (ie, just a few month ago), i might already be hours deep into an ER, NICU, or ward shift by this point. residency makes fellowship seem like a spa vacation by comparison.

photographic evidence of previous resident life

i'm glad i have it all documented so that i can remind myself how much better i now have it!

back to that first item: i think that my choice has actually been the right one (whew). because really, now that i've thought about it a bit, today doesn't sound bad to me at all. now, off to write those dictations . . . and hopefully the long-promised restaurant review page!

new bedtime reading
i finally finished american wife the other night! i know some felt it was too long, but i actually enjoyed the whole thing. i like curtis sittenfeld's writing style and i got quite attached to the quasi-fictional characters, even though they certainly had their flaws.

in writing this post, i stumbled upon mention of this book:

i figure that if ms. rubin is a fan, then i probably will be too.

i tend to alternate fiction/non-fiction for my bedtime reading, so i thought this would be a worthwhile choice. the reviews on amazon are actually a bit divisive, so i think this will be an interesting read. i will definitely report back on how it pans out!

anyone else out there enjoy non-fiction as well as novels? which titles have been your favorites?



workout: rest day. i always plan my rest day on friday, but i almost never end up making it through the week without having to swap it for an earlier weekday. it was nice not having to rush to the gym yesterday AM and not feeling the least bit guilty about it!

in the kitchen: lots o' clean eating leftovers from earlier in the week. no muss, no fuss. this worked out perfectly since i was at work until 7:30 pm . . .

board prep: for the first time since implementing my master plan, i had to miss a study session (i had an epic workday). i plan on making it up today!


  1. i pretty much exclusively read non-fiction. i never seem to have the attention span for long novels! similar to my lack of interest in staying awake for movies, or something, i have trouble being engaged in loads of complicated characters and sometimes unrealistic plotlines. there is the odd fiction book that i will love, but it usually takes about 5 books that i never get through to find it!
    lately most of my reads have revolved around food (love animal, vegetable, miracle if you haven't already read it. a homemade life is on my shelf waiting for some free time) or organizational/self improvement stuff (just finished an uncluttered book, which was pretty good! most of these are courtesy of happiness project recommendations/links. i am totally going to track down that laura vanderkam title). now i'm reading a book called "cod: the biography of a fish that changed the world" which i think is going to be pretty interesting (if a bit depressing).

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    i really only read fiction. i do like "true crime" novels. especially the ones by ann rule. i will say that while i enjoy non fiction i usually have to be recommended a non-fiction book and won't pick one up on my own

    good luck being on call this weekend :)

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    or rather on there really a huge difference between the two?

  4. I like fiction best, but I do read some non-fiction. I like to read memoirs mostly and then some stuff about food or exercise and some other random stuff. My mom was just telling me about the book Zeitoun by Dave Eggers and I think that's next on my list. It's non-fiction.

  5. I prefer to read nonfiction. Right now I'm wrapped up in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy! Before that, I read The Tipping Point. I really like memoirs too (maybe this is why I read blogs...). I like to check out the bestseller list: Maybe you might like the Medium Raw one or Born To Run (I heard the latter was good!).

  6. I usually only read fiction, but I like pop psychology-type stuff like Predictably Irrational. Right now I'm reading an excellent book called The Long Ships. It's one I'd have never picked out for myself (it's about vikings), but it's actually a really entertaining story.

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I've been reading mostly non-fiction since I graduated college; I think non-fiction just interests me more. And Sarah, you have the NEATEST handwriting I've ever seen of a doctor, or of anyone else for that matter!!! I bet you get this everyday though :-P

  8. I love nonfiction essays and memoirs and the occasional journalistic foray...highly recommend The Liars' Club by Mary Karr, Fast Food Nation, The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, Under the Banner of Heaven and Into the Wild by Jon (drawing a blank on his last name....)

  9. Have you read the Help? I thought that was an excellent book. Most of the books I read are just girly no thought books, but that gives me a break from work and school. By the way, I should have commented the other day, but didn't get around to it. I am the wife of a Peds resident in alabama. I'm an engineer and I'm also going to school full time for my MBA. It is interesting to me to see how different people balance being a resident with other things. My husband also wants to do a fellowship, and I'm pretty hesitant about it, so it has been interesting to see your take on fellowship. Thanks for writing!

  10. You said something that just hit me hard. Really really hard. You chose your job. In the same way, I chose to attend graduate school. And I chose to stay here for this semester. So I need to own it or do something else. I may end up doing something else after this semester of teaching, because I do not love what I do. And that does not work for me anymore!

  11. I read a lot of non-fiction, but it's generally food related. Always the glutton, aren't I?

    I love that you list blogging as "fun". Me too! >__<

  12. thanks all for the book suggestions!

    astrid: wow -- i am glad to have made an impact! ou will have to keep me posted.

    sophia: of COURSE it's fun :) otherwise, uh . . . i would quit.

  13. Sarah,
    Not sure if you'll read this since it's a late addition to the post, but a non-fiction book that read this summer which was a fun read is "Born to Run". As a runner, you would probably enjoy it. I don't think that it's the most well-written book out there, but it was quite interesting!