Friday, September 10, 2010

in with the new

getting with the program
in lieu of writing an actual post this morning, i decided to spend a little time and (finally) figure out how to add tabs to this site.

this is what they are supposed to look like. hopefully, they are showing up properly for you as well.

clearly, i haven't actually WRITTEN pages to go into most of these tabs yet. but over the next week or so, i plan on doing just that. i will write them as posts, but also publish them to the tabs above. suggestions for additional tabs (or changes) are welcome, so feel free to speak up!

and because this post has to have SOMETHING in it
check out things organized neatly. it will make you feel good inside.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    i think my blog needs an organization makeover too. i absolutely love how organize has it's own tab. fabulousness!

  2. yaaay your tabs looks AWESOME!

  3. At one point I tried to add tabs like that, but I never quite figured it out. Looks good!

  4. I like how the "about" tab is just named "hello." That's cute!

  5. I love your tabs!
    I'll add those to my blog one day *.*

  6. atilla11:50 PM

    love the tabs

  7. I'm thinking of a new layout for my blog. I'm a bit sick of it. I wish I was computer and design-savvy though. It is quite a headache dealing with all the CSS and such!