Friday, September 24, 2010

happy friday

fashion friday . . . with a twist
there is no shortage of gorgeous fall offerings from my favorite retailer. but for the love of pete, it's going up to 95 today! in fact, it's already 73 degrees as i type this at 5:51 am. so much for fall, at least in this neck of the woods.

but hey -- you know what is definitely fall-related, but doesn't depend on the weather? if you've been to this website before, you could probably guess what i'm going to bust out with:

monogrammed sticky notes add girly flair to your reminders

yep -- it's anthro stationery! when i go to the (brick & mortar) store, my attention is mainly on the clothes. but i do find it rather difficult to maintain my focus sometimes when there are just so.many.pretty.things swirling all around (i suppose that's the intention of whoever designs such places). and the number one distraction for me, of course, is the paper.

some of their items are a little too frou-frou for my taste -- i tend to prefer my stationery and planning supplies to be clean, modern, and modular, with high-quality paper (probably why i like the exaclair products so much). but that doesn't mean i don't at least like to look.

here are a few of the more interesting offerings:

this non-planner datebook is much more of a freestyle journal than a planner

15 years ago, the brooding teen version of me would have loved filling this volume with my hopes, dreams & observations

alpine songs planner is a cute option for those who find traditional planning formats too formal or square

the style is whimsical, but this is definitely a functional piece.

keel's simple diary is like a very long blog meme in paper form. (it's also cheaper at amazon!)

i love these pencil-me-in notecards -- what great back-to-school flavor.

and finally, something a little bit more 2010:

yep, it's a designer netbook by vivienne tam. pretty, but i'll stick with my mac.

moody blues
well, something must have finally snapped yesterday (maybe after i wrote the morning's post?) because it was a MUCH better day (finally!). i managed to get nearly caught up with my work, and i even made up for some lost time on my study plan. i'm now just 1 day behind instead of 3!

it's just been a weird week. my eating and sleeping habits have been less than stellar, and my typical motivation -- to do anything and everything -- just wasn't there! but yesterday after running, i decided to just zero in on what was important, leaving the trimmings for another time.

thankfully, it worked.

i don't usually say this (or feel this way!), but T.G.I.F. sometimes a weekend really is in order.



workout: 5 miles on the TM while reading real simple -- i liked the october issue! i think i might even use it as a jumping-off point for a new cooking challenge . . .

no cook night: last night i went out for 'endo dinner' (ie: with the two other fellows + one of the youngest attendings). we had a TON to talk about and ended up closing down durham's thai cafe. no pictures -- it's definitely not a secret, but i do try to keep a low profile regarding this site at work.

board prep: as i wrote above - just one day behind now in my plan! between today and the weekend, i should be able to catch up. whew!


  1. For me it's funny to walk into a clothing store here and see t-shirts and sleeveless dresses. I always think, "You're not going to get much wear out of that until next June!" And when Target starts stocking bathing suits in March... hahahaha.

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    it's been an off week for sleep for me too. annoying. but i am in HEAVEN with those planners :)

    annoying about the weather. i just want it to do what it's supposed to do: be fall! granted once the temps dip i'll bemoan that too ;)

  3. I agree that this week was weird in terms of sleeping and eating. I am so thankful that it is coming to an end! Hopefully next week will be better! Thanks for sharing all this cool stationary. I really liked the monogramed post its!

  4. I think I'm thinking what you're thinking on the Real Simple cooking challenge! I read the magazine a few days ago and thought the SAME thing! Maybe next week? ;)

  5. glad you're feeling better!