Friday, September 17, 2010

fall fashion fun plus

running & babies
first of all: i just want to post another disclaimer that i am not pregnant (that i know of, anyway). just thinking ahead -- clearly my planning tendencies know no bounds! unfortunately for me, there are some things in life that can't just be penciled into the space 24 and expected to happen -- perhaps it's a valuable lesson.

thank you for all of the input yesterday. the runner's world article on kara goucher and paula radcliffe was really interesting -- although i had a hard time drawing parallels between my running and theirs once kara casually threw out "4:55 mile repeats". HA!

i also loved looking at cross-country squared, at susan's recommendation. 33 weeks pregnant with twins and hitting the pavement with a 1970s-era belly harness? loved it.

some of you asked about whether i plan to run while pregnant (if and when that should occur). my answer is ABSOLUTELY! after all, i've had great role models who have done so and produced gorgeous, happy, and healthy babies.

in 2009, i visitied dear friend and former running partner s. in all of her 38.5 week glory

and yes, she was still running at this stage.

so there you go! however, for now i think i am now going to put a lid on the online pregnancy talk, because it could take god-knows-how long for it to actually come to fruition, and you'll all be sick of hearing about it before i even have anything remotely realistic or useful to say. when it occurs, you all will probably figure it out when my posts end with

workout: ate pint of haagen dagz, followed by nap.

(kidding. you know i'd rather go to LoYo!)

fashion friday!
all right, i'm excited that many of you said you enjoyed this part of my posts, because i sometimes wondered! according to starbucks and anthropologie, fall has arrived.

clearly, they do not live in north carolina. but this is, in my opinion, a good thing. because i will never get sick of 80-degree sunny days! sure, i enjoy a nice crisp fall day as much as the next girl (especially if pumpkin-flavored treats are involved), but only as a novelty. i prefer shopping for summer dresses and sandals to sweaters and cords.

still, though, the recent anthro catalog made my heart pitter-patter a bit. here is what i would buy if money were no object:

tartan treasure top, $148 by anna sui. this is how i would like to wear plaid.

the herringbone sweater coat, $118, looks to be a truly versatile number that i would throw over everything.

the haute skirt, $118, is another closet-expander. any accompanying blouse, sweater, or knit top would be taken up a notch.

pilcro cords for weekend wear, $98. i think i had pants similar to this in 7th grade.

beginning to end pants look simple, soft, and well-tailored. $148.

precious metals booties break the bank at $478, which breaks my heart.

wanigan coat is another lovely use of plaid, with removable collar. $188

i see myself popping that number over jeans to hit whole foods on a saturday, but apparently anthro has other ideas:

yeah, that's exactly what my life is like.

riiiight. still love the coat, though!

white space
one last tidbit for this lengthy friday post: i enjoyed the most recent zen habits post, which focused on white space.

i'm a fan -- and so is my friend azusa who designed this blog's header! but, much like the rest of my website, i've managed to fill my life up to obscure most of the emptiness.

leo babauta's ideas to bring back more of this precious commodity (or anti-commodity??) to our lives included taking time to breathe, removing clutter, and eating mindfully.

my favorite one, though, was:
* Schedule. Don’t overschedule. Leave space on your schedule, between tasks, instead of putting things back-to-back. The space gives you time to go between tasks, to recover, to refocus, to breathe.

i will try to keep this in mind today -- it's going to be a busy one!



workout: 6 miles with 2 at tempo (9:13/mi x 2 miles, 8:12/mi x 2 miles, 9:13/mi x 2 miles). all on the treadmill at 0.5% incline -- pager standing by! it didn't go off, though.

pepper picks: last night, i made vegetarian stuffed peppers from the recent issue of clean eating (the recipe can be found here).

they came out looking cute and tasted healthy, but they needed an extra kick of salsa or something, which we didn't have. or maybe i just should have gone with full-fat cheese!

board prep: i did the cardiology chapter + 20 PREP questions yesterday while bored (i know -- what!??!) at work. what can i say; we had a lull! it will probably never happen again.


  1. Fall has definitely not come to Georgia either. I want scarves and apples.

  2. Fall is definitely here. It came all in one day and has decided to stick around. I'm even thinking it's time to put away all my summer tops and pull out the long sleeved stuff. I love it now but not as a sign of what's to come.

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    That coat is GORGEOUS!!!! I can't even look at the Anthro catalogs anymore, it gets me too close to opening up a credit card!

    Those stuffed peppers look great too! I just ordered a subscription to Clean Eating magazine and I'm hoping it'll be a good source for new recipes.

  4. I love seeing active moms...actually, active people in general, but I like when women don't use pregnancy as an excuse to be inactive. It's a time to establish lifelong health!

  5. I worked with a woman who ran while pregnant. She said that after the baby was born, the baby would only sleep in the electric cradle if they put it on the fastest rocking setting -- presumably because it was similar to the movement of her mom running before she was born! :)

  6. That red plaid coat is amazing!
    I cannot get enough plaid.