Monday, August 23, 2010

my little poni

call week, take 3
this week marks my third week on 24/7 pager call as endocrine fellow. the first time around, it was scary; by the second, my anxiety level was already downgraded to mildly tweaked. perhaps this will be the week i learn to relax a bit more and take parent and outside hospital phone calls as a matter of routine, as minor additions to the day's activities rather than a dominating force.

it's a bit optimistic, but there has been a STEEP learning curve thus far and i already feel better equipped to answer most questions and manage certain scenarios (it helps that approximately half the after-hours calls seem to involve a malfunctioning insulin pump):

dealing with a renegade pump: the KISS pnemonic
K – Check for Ketones
I – Give Insulin by Injection (using an insulin pen or syringe - not through the pump)
S – Change the infusion Set
S – Check blood Sugar

maybe i'll save myself some time and just direct callers to this post this time around . . .

the balance
i have to say this was a lovely weekend! between saturday's leisure activities and yesterday's focus on the List, i feel pretty rested + ready to take on a new week!

one thing josh and i have been enjoying as of late is hosting a casual dinner get-together for sunday evenings to sort of bridge the gap between weekEND and week. last night, we had two of our foodiest friends over . . . and an impromptu mediterranean feast took shape.

i created a tzaziki-like dip loosely based on this recipe:

adjustments: parseley, feta, and extra spices were added and low fat plain yogurt was used.

our guests brought over a rather special bottle of burgandy. it was sunday, after all!

this real simple moussaka recipe was a serious crowd favorite.

but this part won my heart! angus barn chocolate chess pie with bourbon sauce, a la mode . . .

a lovely meal with lovelier company (even if they seemed camera-shy) = a fabulous end to the week.

yes, really
anthro, you know i love you. my credit card company knows it, too! but . . . just . . . . wow.

no, it's not a hoax.

and in the poni's defense, i could sort of imagine my grandmother-in-law rocking it and really pulling it off. but it's hard to imagine in any other context!



workout: 9 miles at what felt like a snail's pace (something around 9:30/mi). it was hot and my legs just did NOT want to move. i think i'm ready for just a hint of fall . . .

cuisine corner: see above! and i'm back on my meal-planning/shopping game (and i even managed to update my sidebar).

board prep: i accompished 85% of what i set out to do last week, study-wise. hopefully i can make up for a bit of lost time today!


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    hahha to that poni cardigan! and your dinner looks fabulous. want to fly up to new england and make it for me? ;) definitely a great meal to end the weekend on

  2. OMG that sweater is awesome.

  3. that moussaka looks delicious. will have to make it sometime soon. and that decanter of bordeaux. yum.

    local blogger gathering sounds great. liv (of faking it for real) and i would love to come. (did you realize we were together?) hopefully it will fall on one of my nights off.

    i think inertia was in the air yesterday. i could barely get up enough energy to get out the door for my run last night.

  4. That cardigan - oh my! I love the idea of a casual Sunday gathering. It's the perfect way to end the weekend.

  5. atilla7:50 PM

    Love the yogurt dip I'll have to try it minus the heavy garlic load