Saturday, August 28, 2010

morning mishaps

i woke up at 2 am (on my own, not due to a page) from a vivid nightmare about being rushed to the hospital with a blistering, hemorrhagic rash that appeared to be rapidly spreading on the surface of my skin. in the dream, i had just brought home newborn twins (!) when the lesions appeared -- i remember screaming for the ambulance as well as the horrifying realization that i was starting to bleed internally as well as on the outside.

after getting over the fact that this was NOT my reality, i hugged josh, slept a few more hours, woke up, made coffee, and promptly dropped my pager into my freshly poured cup. it bubbled a little (i can imagine it was trying to text me "nooooooooo . . .!" as it sank into the scalding dark liquid) and was dead by the time i dumped it into the sink.

next to the ebola episode, though, this was certainly no biggie. i aimed my blow dryer at that bad boy for 20 minutes and now i have it submerged in a bowl of rice (see above).

it might work -- it fixed someone's blackberry!

i'm on call, so this pager-mishap initially freaked me out a little. but i spoke with our paging operator and i can forward all pages to my cell phone, so it's actually not a terrible tragedy. the worst case scenario is that i'll be out $70 to pay for a new pager.

far better than having my skin fall off, leaving a set of poor orphan twins.

perspective is everything
isn't it? after all:

being on pager call all weekend = annoying, but a million times better than weekend call (NICU, ward, ED, or several other equally painful variations) during residency

having to bring my phone/pager with me to the gym, grocery store, etc is a million times nicer than not being able to do any of those things because i'm stuck in-house in the hospital

and most importantly:

getting phone calls about ketones and runaway blood sugars and low sodiums -- or, like last night, headaches and vomiting in a panhypopit neurosurg patient -- is a million times easier than dealing with these things in your own child.

really, i hope i never get to find out first-hand what these things are like. and i try to think about this when i find the pager-frustration mounting.

weekend plans
since i need to stay close to home anyway, this weekend should be nice for cleaning up, catching up on studying, and the like. i may even squeeze in a trip to anthro -- between calls, i can make some returns, check out the sale rack . . .

and dreamily ogle this unattainable coat.



workout: 30 minutes elliptical + quick full-body weights circuit

in the kitchen: initially, i didn't feel like cooking, so i gave myself permission to forgo following any actual recipe and just play around with the ingredients we had available.

somehow, this was mentally easier than following someone else's instructions! for this easy version of whole wheat rotini with shrimp, i used some jarred sauce jazzed up with fresh grape tomatoes sauteed with garlic, plus parsley, salt/pepper/oregano, and (the best part) feta.

studying: about to dive in. in fact, i am hereby proclaiming NO ANTHRO until i have at least finished genetics and a set of prep questions!


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    omg that seems like the worst nightmare ever! nightmares that are that vivid really shake me up.

    and rice cures everything. i keep a large costco size bag around just for things like soaking electronics.

  2. Maybe I am imagining this but didn't you have a dream about having twins or triplets recently? About a month ago I had recurring dreams that I was pregnant - supposedly (according to the interwebs) it means I'm going to be creative. Maybe your twin dreams mean you're going to be VERY productive/creative :P LOL I love looking at fashion this time of year... I just want to stuff my closet full of new stuff!

  3. Beautiful coat. The tragedy here is that it's actually too cold to wear pea coats here for most of the winter. It's unflattering down puffer coats all around. Hope you have a productive, uninterrupted day.

  4. have you read "the children's hospital" by chris adrian. it's teeming with strange birth imagery and all manner hemorrhagic badness, the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. i loved the book and would recommend it, although i don't think liv was the biggest fan.

    on another note, i have two extra pagers floating around my house if yours doesn't come back to life.

  5. oh dang! You have an active, scary imagination. Thank god it's just a nasty dream. Wonder what it means though?

    I'm LOVING that coat. I miss wearing pea coats.

  6. is this the second twin dream? hmmmmm universe may be sending you a message here.

  7. atilla8:28 PM

    so we're going to have twins or triplets...okay but can the rash. Also better in the coffee cup than the toilet