Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AM announcements

behold: the power of RICE
i'll be honest: i didn't expect it to work.

saturday afternoon, the beast was still dead.

on sunday, he (she?) let out a faint crackling whimper, but had no words.

but yesterday morning, i sent myself a test page, and got THIS:


screen, paging, and noise-making functions -- all intact! i was extremely impressed, and pretty much thrilled. because paying for your own instrument of torture would have just been . . . sad.

baby #3
i guess you all weren't in much of a guessing mood yesterday (perhaps my monday chipperness was a bit of a turn-off -- sorry!). but in case anyone was curious, baby #3 was me:

approximately 5-6 months old and joyfully tearing up our center city philadelphia townhouse

little-known fact: as a baby (and toddler), i was built like a miniature linebacker. >90% height AND weight! apparently someone told my parents i would be 5'8" based on a height projection when i was about 18 months. (maybe they were accounting for future use of 7" stilettos).

i'm off the pager but somehow have ended up with a PACKED social calendar for the week, followed by a visit from my parents over the long weekend.

basically our plans include eating at every fabulous establishment i can think of while making a few stops at area highlights between delicious meals:

caroline, i thought of your index cards while making this itinerary!

what do you do when your parents come to visit? our basic plan is in place, but i'm open to more ideas! my mother claims she 'doesn't get bored' but 5 days is a long time to go without any plans or activities.



workout: 5 miles on the TM, 9:13/mi pace, 0.5% incline. yes, i did tuesday's workout a day early (going to cross-train today). just felt more like running.

better late than never: josh and i hung out at brixx for a while after work, having a drink with a few of his coworkers. their pizza was tempting, but i knew we had a slab of pricey wild alaskan salmon at home that NEEDED to be eaten!

euro-style dinner hour:

i made this extremely easy recipe for maple-glazed salmon from the recent issue of cooking light:

it was good. but what really made my (late) night was this:

slice of leftover carrot cake from the baby shower!

now it's official: i am carrot caked-out.

board prep: 15 PREP questions. i wasn't doing so hot, either. i guess some days you got it -- and others you don't.


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    awww i guess i missed yesterdays post but you were an adorable baby!

    i think it's funny that your test page was an actual message about your pager being saved by rice ahah.

  2. When my mom visits, we usually go shopping and get pedicures. My dad is visiting next month and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with him.

  3. My parents don't visit very often (just once in each place we've lived so far) so it's pretty easy to do "the best of" with them. My in-laws however, are harder because they come fairly often. They like eating and shopping, though, so taking them to our favorite places and letting them go to all the stores they miss living in a little town usually takes up our time.

  4. Nice trick with the rice!
    So, my parents visit every year or so, and I admit that the LA area is pretty visitor- friendly. Also, my dad is not capable of sitting around, just "relaxing", so I tend to 'program' their visit. We often spend a night or two in another part of the general area, which works out well. Finally, I'm a big fan of outdoor activities with my parents - it tires us out and gives us that "shared" experience. It looks like you already have lots of those activities covered!

  5. When my parents visit I usually hide. No, I jest. I usually take them out to a nice dinner and then to a family activity. I hope you have a great holiday weekend with them.

  6. atilla11:28 PM

    great plans

  7. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Thanks for answering the formspring so quickly :) I just found your blog 2 days ago. I must say, I took your lead in making a to-do checklist in a a beautiful notebook and it really does make one that much more efficient in accomplishing tasks.