Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what's on your . . .

july in the lab?
hmm, could there be someone new working the machines responsible for measuring thyroid hormones and cortisol in the lab? because i got no fewer than six consults yesterday, mainly for 'rule out adrenal insufficiency'! i know from being on the elective that this is . . . atypical.

my adrenals pumped this compound out yesterday even if the patients' couldn't!

with 3 inpatients on our team and the consult flurry, it's probably a good thing that i pumped myself up yesterday morning. because i wound up arriving home at 8 pm, and still didn't have everything done.

but it was still okay. i didn't implode from arriving home at the late-ish hour. josh and i still got to eat dinner, AND i still fit in the studying i had planned (30 minutes of growth/development review).

the motor milestones (above) aren't hard - it's those block-stacking skills! i don't think most of my clinic patients HAD blocks to stack. they did have iPhones, though . . .

and now for something completely different
all this work talk! if you can't tell, i'm slightly preoccupied with my job right now. i apologize, because it's probably getting boring for you readers accustomed to more variety and prettiness on this site.

so, allow me to introduce a new wednesday feature: i'm going to call it "what's on your . . ."

with the end of the phrase to be completed with an item such as 'nightstand', 'to-do list' or simply 'feet', i thought it would be a fun way to share inspiration and the little things that get us excited (and make us happy).

today's question: what's on your iPod?
i filled mine with a rather random mix of old and new albums, and i'm rather liking the juxtaposition! a few of the selections:

la roux, la roux

have you heard this group yet? "bulletproof" is on the radio. they are upbeat and fun -- modern electronica mixed with disco. great workout music!

priscilla ahn, live EP

tori amos, under the pink (yeah, i rocked out to cornflake girl on my run on monday! brought me back to 1996.)

the shins, wincing the night away

SO: what's on your iPod? i'm always looking for new music, so i'd love to hear your suggestions! plus, tell me i'm not the only one who enjoys rocking it out to taylor swift . . .



workout: 45 minute dave farmar yoga podcast. and my legs are sore today! sadly, yoga does NOT relax me the way a good run (or even elliptical session) does, even though i am consciously TRYING for it to have that effect! weird. i still think it's a good workout/stretch, though.

scrounge dinner: i had no time yesterday evening (see above), but i did have fresh and local tomatoes and basil! oh, and fresh, fabulous hillsborough cheese.

no recipe needed: tomatoes, basil, spinach, a quickly-whipped up balsamic vinaigrette, a hearty slice of bread from the freezer, and awesome bloomin' ash goat cheese. it worked.

board prep: 30 minutes on development.


  1. a ridiculous amount of Glee. And most of the current top 40

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    my latest somewhat quirky addition for running is 'seasons of love' from rent. it makes me so reflective during a run. hope your work day is awesome.

  3. Love Under the Pink! I think Tori is an acquired taste but a pretty amazing one. I'm listening to Ray LaMontagne and Over the Rhine.

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    i think i suggested taylor swift last time :)

    ummmm i've been really into jay-z, young money and usher lately. a total departure from my country roots haha!

  5. Seal's Soul album. Always a favorite.

  6. I've been rocking it old school lately with the Gipsy Kings. Love them! Do you think your lack of relaxation feeling from yoga is a result of not getting the endorphin rush from a run?

  7. carrie: YES. i do feel there is something very biologically important about the heart rate elevation/hormonal changes that must come from a good cardio workout! at least it feels that way to me.

  8. I've been listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Good stuff.

  9. atilla10:15 PM

    I am a huge fan of pandora radio and find a lot of music that's related to things I like for instance gipsy kings got me to rodrigo and gabriela and andrea bocelli made me realize I love puccini.
    also simon and garfunkel,Jack Johnson, nora jones, israel kamikawiwo, edith piaf , louis arstrong, sarah bareilles, billie holiday, afternoon needs action and wake up so we listen to beatles rolling stones, and four seasons.
    sorry its mostly old and really old stuff but so am I

  10. on my ipod:
    1. don't stop believin' -glee cast
    2. tik tok- ke$ha
    3. airplanes- B.o.B
    4. murder in the city- avett brothers

    i get most of my music from sirius radio driving to wakemed. i bought a new car this year, and it came with satelite radio. it's been a real game-changer.

  11. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Shins are one of my all time favourite bands! I need some more workout tunes - I usually just end up with a mix of top 40 to run to.

  12. on my ipod:
    - the dudes (a canadian band) - their new cd (09) is great. fave songs: girl police and mr. someone else
    - k'naan, awesome rapper. favorite songs: if rap gets jealous, smile while i'm bleeding
    - and much, much more - but it's more mainstream stuff you probably know :-)

  13. You're not alone, I love me some T Swift! :) ha

  14. Right now I'm listening to Ingrid Michaelson, John Mayer (newest one), Regina Spektor, and Sara Barellies. Great stuff!!