Friday, July 30, 2010

what's on your . . . #2

google reader?
[hmm, 755? i may not be 'caught up', but i'm still enjoying my favorites!]

. . . or most visited booksmarks list? last week i loved seeing your musical selections on the what's on your iPod? post, so in preparation for the weekend and in 'follow friday' spirit, i thought i would share some of my favorite blogs (and hope that you will do that same!).

now, i have to say i have definitely been spending less time with my good ol' google reader lately, and that has been on purpose. i am using it more as a nice break activity (like picking up a book or flipping on the tv) rather than something i am attempting to keep up with daily. but there are still a few where i just cannot resist tearing into the latest post! interestingly, they tend to be ones that do not post daily or multiple times a day -- making them more of a novelty, perhaps?

while certainly not a comprehensive list, here are 5 blogs i have been loving lately:

what claudia wore is a fashion blog that focuses on none other than the fictional miss claudia kishi of the long-defunct babysitter's club. my only complaint is that the author (who has fantastic style herself) is always dissing stacey's looks. give the poor diabetic chick a break! her frosted perm may not have been as timeless as claud's side-pony, but it worked back in the day.

coffee talk began as a food blog, but morphed into something even cooler - a design concept/photography site that i love, love, LOVE. i also happen to appreciate that the author is just 5' tall and doesn't seem to mind one bit.

carpe durham is awesome. first, there is the name, which makes me mad every time i see it because i think 'why didn't i think of that?'. then, there is the concept -- a local site featuring durham restaurants, with an emphasis on new ones and more casual fare. the commenters tend to be quite opinionated and quick to get in fights, which only adds to the fun (generally, i just watch from the sidelines). i actually once looked into to contributing to the site but decided not to since it had to be anonymous and i'd rather put reviews on here!

bneato is a organizing blog that features little snippets and tips designed to make life easier, and well -- neater. my favorite feature is to-do-list-tuesday. AHH, LOVE it! maybe i will have to submit some of my own to the author someday . . .

if i had to pick one food/lifestyle blog to read, the broccoli hut would be my choice. this is because i absolutely love to see caroline's creative and healthy creations. they simultaneously inspire me and make my mouth water!

anthro emails
yesterday, i got two emails from anthro that made me extremely happy. no, neither contained a gift certificate as thank you for my frequent patronizing of their shop. and sadly, no gala invite in return for the enormous amount of publicity i bestow up on them through this blog (HA).

but there were these:

and this wonderful proclamation:

yes, yes, oh my god, yes. you know, i tried to play along with the skinny jeans trend. and i do still intend to wear the pairs i have. but i never really thought they flattered the way a nice dark bootcut pair did.

i would have worn them anyway, but i definitely appreciate that anthro is vindicating my choice!

ahhhhh. when i look at this, i feel like i am coming home.



workout: 5.5 sweaty miles outside, 2 @ tempo (8:20-8:30/mi). today i had planned to do yoga, but i am sort of itching to head out again. hmmm.

cooking: did not occur yesterday. 3 recipes/week seems to be my sweet spot!

board prep: i completed the review packet for preventative peds. after today i will be back on schedule.


  1. I entered the world of consistent blog reading with The Simple Dollar ( Simple and inspirational advice on how to live a good life and have your financial house in order.

  2. I have to mark everything in my google reader as read all the time. Right now, I've been obsessed with

  3. Some of my faves:
    - Make dad a martini (my lovely husband's blog)
    - Dean Karnazes' blog on runner's world (very inspriational running/fitness blog)
    - Happy Meals and Happy Hour (your suggestion)
    - MWF seeking BFF (a fun friendship blog)
    - SHU Box - of course!

  4. atilla2:46 PM

    don't use google reader do u think its an age thing?

  5. I have plenty on my google reader but my current two favorites:


    ... those are the ones I must read daily. I've found lately that some of the food blogs I've read are getting repetitive, but I still enjoy them too :-)

  6. One of my friends posted this on facebook, and it's soooo cute! Beware if you have baby fever...

  7. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I love
    It has notified me of upcoming concerts that I would of hated to miss.
    Thanks for always making my day with your consistent and insightful postings!

  8. Anonymous11:38 AM

    One of my recent discoveries is the hilarious and inspiring
    I know you only run, but after reading Steve and his wife's experiences with triathalon, it may pique your interests in triathalons. I has mine.