Friday, July 09, 2010

pushing for a 26 hour day

yeah, i kind of knew it was coming. undergoing this big of a transition is a pretty big deal, and it's just a LOT to learn/know/figure out/do at once.

yesterday i got home at 6:45 pm, pretty much exhausted from the day (things take more energy when you're new at them!) and sat down. the following thoughts were swirling around in my head:

how am i going to have time to study for the boards?
how am i going to have time to do the reading i need to do?
or the things i need to do for a research proposal
not to mention presentations and prep for teaching sessions?
how am i going to have time to do the above things AND make dinner?
oh, AND actually get a reasonable amount of sleep?
how am i going to deal with all-of-the-above and being on 24/7 pager call (which starts today for the next week, incidentally).

clearly, there's a theme here.

and then i checked my phone messages and found out that a) we're dog-sitting for the weekend (i had forgotten) and b) josh was staying late for an appendectomy.

let's just say it wasn't a great night after that. and i get the world's biggest FAIL on my week 2 goal. in fact, i think that may have been what set off the panic spiral in the first place!

i'm off on a longer contemplative run to think about all of this. probably a better strategy than drowning my sorrows in these:

pretty! and interesting! and utterly unobtainable at $395.


  1. I think if you could put those shoes on after your contemplative run and a hot shower, you could walk the temporary dog, research, teach, read, propose, study, prep, and cook--all while handling 24/7 pages--with style. And then get a good night's sleep! The shoes are bomb-diggity! and so are YOU! You'll get this, hang in there!

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Hey Sarah - i totally feel the overwhelming panic. when I get that, once i can calm down I try to make action list. Instead of "study for X" I might write read/outline X, review notes and make a summary outline. Also - any way you can make some of the teaching you have to do pull double duty as a study method? I learn best when I have to explain it things to others.

    Hang in there and if it comes to it, buy the shoes :)
    P.S. Love the new bag.

  3. Here's what I do when I feel overwhelmed: Remember when you were pushing so hard for finals and you thought you would never get it all done? You did, didn't you?! Think about how easy everything felt after working so hard. You learn to operate at a new level. If all else fails I say out loud: "I can do it!" or "I will get it done!" like 10 times in a row. Also, in Abnormal Psych I learned an awesome technique where you write out all your worries and then you write calm logical responses to them. I still do this sometimes. Good luck! You can do it :-)

  4. No good advice from me, but it seems like the whole medical training program is all about throwing you in the deep end and showing you that- while it might not be fun- you will indeed swim. Hope the contemplative run helps.

  5. Anonymous10:46 AM


    I had the SAME freak out last night. I'm a faculty member and guess what, there's still way too much to do and kids and running and cooking and teaching and grant writing- you get it. I got up earlier today, and like you ran farther and faster. Now, sitting in my office, I'm still not sure how all of this will get done but am making my lists and will plod away, one foot in front of the other.

  6. One day at a time...that's how I get through really stressful periods of my life. Just focus on the task at hand and be kind to yourself. You have endured more than this and you're strong enough to get through this busy time.

  7. I don't even know you and I feel like your capable of handling all those things and more. You really instill the image of a very organized and confident person. Everyone has overwhelming days for sure, just take it one issue and one day at a time : )

    I hate to ask a question when your so overwhelmed but, what is your general attidute towards the Nurses you work with? I'm thinking about attending Nursing school but I had a big dream to become a doctor forever, I feel like I might not think it's "enough" and there isn't much of, if any, bridge between the two. If you have a spare moment, I'd appreciate some input, thanks : )!!

  8. Anonymous3:33 PM

    take care! you will get through this and you can totally handle everything :) i know exactly how overwhelmed/panic feel is and just know that it'll pass and you'll be okay :)

  9. Aww, sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed. Life can get crazy when it wants to! You'll pull through it, though, and will definitely learn how to manage everything :) Just take it one day at a time, one task at a time. You'll see ;)

  10. atilla9:46 PM

    I run pretty busy and every now and then I wonder how I'll ever finish a day. My philosophy is to focus on the task at hand and that's it. I am aware of what the next task 's timeline is but I try not to be overwelmed by what's coming up by never taking my eye off the current ball. When I deviate from that I feel stress so I try not to

  11. you are all wonderful! thank you so much for the advice and support.

    tiabella, i have a huge amount of respect for the nurses i work with and the field in general. they are every bit as important -- if not more so -- when it comes to patient outcomes and the patient experience. i think it's a wonderful career choice (and perhaps one that lends itself to more balance than the path i chose). i agree that there is not a huge bridge between the two BUT if you were to do nursing, you could decide to become a nurse practitioner later on and they function very much like an MD, just with more supervision (and often better hours!). i have several friends who are nurses so i could probably hook you up with them for more info if interested so let me know!

  12. I'm a little late to the comments but just wanted to add the following: I TOTALLY get where you are coming from, I'm a fifth year Ph.D. student in psychology right now and grad school has been interesting ;) plus working elsewhere to help with income, plus everything else... yeah, I get it. My best advice would be what others have already said (especially about breaking things down in the to-do list), keep getting your exercise (something I fail at. miserably.) and just take a deep breath! oh and maybe have a glass of wine ;)

    I just found your blog recently and I think it's amazing. Reading things from others who are still in school/training makes me smile! thanks for writing!