Monday, July 19, 2010

old tricks

if it ain't broke . . .
i finally sat down with all the things that were weighing on my academic conscience (board prep, fellowship-related responsibilities, and research) and made some headway on a plan. pulling everything out and thinking about what i needed to be doing without pager interruptions helped me to find the flow i was missing before, and i worked for nearly 2 solid hours on my research project.

i also decided that some of this was in order:

oh space 24, i will never leave you for an iPhone!

a little more structure. i've been doing it with my workouts for years now -- why not apply some of that same 'daily assignment' mentality to my board prep and other academic tasks?

we'll see how this works as i dive into another busy week! the attending who covered over the weekend left an ominous email that there was 'too much to sign out over email' so i'm bracing myself!

after getting some solid work in during the morning, i felt good about spending the afternoon with a friend at the movie theater. after an easy return at anthro and a slightly irritating lunch at california pizza kitchen (in which i asked for 2 customizations on my salad, and then was brought neither and was asked by the waitress to just 'let me know if i didn't like it' . . . uh, thanks), i was rewarded with inception, which was confusing but very enjoyable nonetheless.

i may have completed 23 grades-worth of school, but i'm completely inept at untangling complex (and sometimes even not-so-complex) movie plots. i get characters confused easily (especially males!) and lost in fast-moving action sequences, and then the inevitable disconnect occurs . . . often followed by a mid-feature nap.

inception certainly had its confusing moments, but it came together nicely and never got boring, thanks to excellent acting and interesting (not just ACTION! for the sake of ACTION!) effects. definitely a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon . . . i only wish josh hadn't been working so that he could have come too!

and just because you asked:
hair shot:

if you ignore the fact that i otherwise look kind of silly in this picture, you can tell that the hair is quite straight and smooth.

and also!
hey, does this remind you of anything? stephen is an emergency medicine resident at UNC, a runner, interested in happiness, and a fan of lady gaga ke$ha. and, he based his format off of this site! imitation is the highest form of flattery, so . . . i think that's pretty cool!



workout: nada -- had to keep the hair dry! and a rest day was in order, anyway.


  1. i have this exact problem with movies! easily confused + fall asleep at potentially important points. this leads me to a) watch more movies at home, where i can easily restart where i nodded off and talk about the confusing bits with my watching partner (a frowned upon behaviour in the theatre, sadly) b) stick to fairly simple movie plots when i do go to the theatre.

    lovely hair!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Wow your hair looks so silkly and beautiful! Plus, that shirt is beyond cute!! I'm dying to see inception :-)

    Oh and onto planner info....I've been making my own planners out of regular notebooks for the last several months and its working really well. I have a calendar that I write important dates in, but I make out my daily "to do" each night/morning and verify deadlines with my calendar. I love being able to use as much space as I need for that day!! I know it doesn't work for everyone, but its been kind of fun. I think your site has made me way "to do list" obsessed ;-)

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Please please write about your board prep plans. Your new loyal reader in VA would really appreciate it.

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I am diving into a busy week as well! Your hair looks great - super straight and healthy. I am the same way with movies! I often fall asleep in the most action packed films because I lose interest or get confused.

  5. Ohhhhh, your hair looks pretty! :)

  6. YOur hair looks great!

  7. Your hair looks lovely, great reason for a rest day!

  8. I'm the same way--I will never give up my paper (polka-dotted) planner, no matter how many planning gadgets are invented.
    Your hair looks faboo!

  9. thank you all for the lovely hair comments!

    and new loyal reader in VA (yay!), i will be happy to. but i won't be able to vouch for them until i pass!