Friday, July 23, 2010

midsummer style

fashion friday: in transition!?
anthro would like to have you believe that fall is just around the corner.

while i covet every piece of this gorgeous outfit, i am not exactly thinking about crunchy leaves and pumpkin pie up in here. because, um --


luckily, there are benefits to having months of very sweaty runs left (and honestly, i'd rather have these temps than winter, any day!). in addition to long days, warm nights, and numerous chances to hit the beach, there is plenty of time to peruse the growing sale racks full of summer garb. behold:

lariat lanes tank, now $30 (was $58). love the orange!

dawn break top, now $30 (was $58). i envision this looking cute with simple slim pants.

what's not to like about these chambray roll-ups? now $30 (from $58), though sold out in smaller sizes

this beaded curtain belt, now $30 (from $58) certainly transcends seasonality.

tiered fronds dress, $100 (from $198) could easily go from work (with a cardi) to a night out.

lanai breezes shift, $100 (from $188) would be perfect for that late summer vacation

gleaming flagstone wedges, now $70 from $188 that i am THISCLOSE to buying right this second

HP update
now 3 weeks into the "work" segment of my personal happiness project, i thought i would provide an update.

i have not been great about looking at and checking off my list every day. it's been more of a retrospective look back!

but . . . i have been pretty successful in implementing each of the weekly goals so far!

keeping work and play separate has gone quite well, perhaps because i am more naturally immersed in work now that i truly LIKE what i'm doing every day! it seems that finding that flow is easier for me now. hopefully this will stick as i become more comfortable in my new role.

the daily research/project time goal sort of morphed into "nightly board review", with plans for longer chunks of time -- namely during weekends -- to be spent on research and other projects. i am continuing to work on finding the best way to get my 'homework' (presentations, research work, etc) done while still getting to relax a bit with josh and making it to bed in time to get enough sleep.

improving my AM routine has been great. i seem to have fallen into a nice one just with the start of fellowship, and i am happy to report that my pattern of pack lunch --> post --> workout --> work is working quite well for me. and there has been no frantic rushing on the AM commute!

make daily effort to teach began yesterday -- conveniently a day i had a teaching session to give anyway (i talked about diabetes insipidus -- giving the basics and practical info while my attending filled in molecular details!).

so i would say the month of july has been a success for the HP thus far! it's almost time to pick a theme for next month. hmmm . . .



workout: 5 mi with 2 at tempo, out in chapel hill. this might be my favorite run. and i really am getting used to running in these mid-70s AM temps -- even with impressive NC humidity.

mile 0 - 1.5: 9:04/mi
mile 1.5 - 2.5: 8:09/mi
mile 2.5 - 3.5: 8:17/mi
mile 3.5 - 5: 9:09/mi

houston, we have a problem: um, my computer is completely out of memory so i could only load one (TERRIBLE!) picture of last night's meal:

i promise, this cashew chicken with vegetables and quinoa was better than it looks here!

board prep: more growth & development from LYW (to the person who requested it: i'll share my board prep plans in more detail next week! but i can't vouch for them until i (HOPEFULLY) get that passing score . . . )


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    great progress on the goals and YAY summer sales. my problem is that i'm tempted to just buy everything haha

  2. As appealing as they are, I do not want to think about fall leaves and pumpkin pies just yet. It's still July.

  3. Fall comes only too soon for us. October = first flurries- ick. Even though it's relatively hot here, it won't last for very long, and I need to appreciate every minute of warm weather.

  4. That's a super cute fall jacket! I never buy jackets, but I may need to attempt to be more fashionable this fall.

    Not saying that I'm ready for fall, although this extreme heat is nasty for running.......but again, I'll take bikini weather over parka weather any day!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate the warm weather. Another thing I appreciate about summer is early morning light. It makes me feel much better about getting an early start to my day.

  6. I love love love that first outfit!!
    The humidity is what will probably kill me. uuhhggg.

  7. I am so annoyed that stores (and magazines!) come out with Fall clothing so early. For 9 months out of the year I can only use a cardigan to protect me from over air conditioned buildings.

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