Sunday, June 06, 2010


getting back in the swing of things
yesterday, it was all i could muster just to unpack. today = preparation to re-enter the real world! the to-do list is long, but i am armed with post-vacay energy and initiative.

on the docket
☑ a scary amount of laundry
☑ deep-cleaning of kitchen
☑ vacuuming
☑ shopping list
☑ restocking of fridge (yay!)
☑ sorting/emptying email inboxes

already done
6 mile run in these conditions:

full report tomorrow, but let's just say that i have some work to do! i will try to be patient, however.

summer shape-up report
as promised, i dove into gina's summer workout plan yesterday! i made use of my only st. maarten souvenir:

french stationery . . . from the grocery store. i still can't get over it!

details, straight from the source:

i kept the weights on the lower side, focusing on technique. my method was to do the weights in supersets: moves 1 + 2 alternated x 3, then 3 + 4, then 5 + 6, then 7 + 8. this way i didn't have to move all over the gym floor but avoided having to stop to rest since different muscle groups were being targeted.

my shoulders and arms are sore today, so i will consider this first attempt a success!

clean eating cookthrough
this week's plans. as if this post needed another list . . .

tonight: trout with green bean succotash
monday: inside-out cheese sliders
tuesday: noodles + tofu in basil with mint dressing
wednesday: scallops with greek relish
thursday: leftovers!

one sad thing about this new cooking project is that the recipes are NOT online -- so there are no links to post! however, i have read that recipes/ingredient combinations themselves are not copyright protected -- just the text that goes along with them. so, i may rewrite some of the recipes here if anyone is interested. thoughts?


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I think you should post a version of the recipe. It's good advertising for the magazine! I am trying to find a copy of Clean Eating around here and if I like it I will subscribe. Your blog is the reason I even know about it!

  2. anon: they had it at our local whole foods! and . . . oddly enough, at the french grocery store near where we were staying in st marten (that place = shopper's paradise as far as i'm concerned!)

  3. Welcome back! I definitely love returning from a vacation (or a trip) with two days before 're-entry'. The laundry is always ridiculous!
    Would love to see a recipe or two, if they *wow* you.
    Hope it's a good week for you.

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    ugh i have a scary amount of laundry to do soon too. i haven't done it in 3.5 weeks!!

    and i still cannot get over how much i love your handwriting. so neat and organized. kind of a paradox for a doctor ;)

  5. Recipes, yes, please! I believe you are correct. It is the EXACT wording that is copyrighted...though giving credit to the original source is the right thing as well. I found a couple of recipes from there that looked interesting online but not much.

  6. I think if you modify a recipe it's fair game too, even if you scale it down.

  7. I agree with everyone else on the recipes! Looks like you already started with the most recent post.