Thursday, June 10, 2010


writer's block
when i have a long, relaxing morning, it's easy for me to come up with post ideas. when i have to rush and only want to write something short 'n' sweet, it's a million times harder. why is that!?

probably because rushing is pretty much the wrong way to go about doing anything. hurried people never look happy! yet for me this is so easy to say, hard to do . . .

giveaway: last call
don't forget to enter the menu planner giveaway! all you need to do is provide one organizational/time-saving tip, and the odds are still quite good!

i will draw a winner tomorrow AM.


workout: 4 miles easy + 20 minute baptiste power yoga session from yogadownload.

impromptu dinner party. wine + guest + scallops = classy weeknight soirée.

i really liked this chenin blanc/viognier blend from south africa. plus, it went very well with the main event:

scallops with greek relish from -- you guessed it -- clean eating mag!

another superquick one: mix chopped tomato, pepper, olives, cucumber, parseley, and mint with lemon juice and a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. sautée some sea scallops, and serve together with the carb of your choice (i made israeli couscous). i felt that the scallops fancied it up and made it dinner party appropriate.

studying: alas, NO! but i'm off to board review (hence the quick post this AM). i think i need an academic kick in the butt . . .


  1. That relish looks pretty good (minus olives for me, of course). Before your cook through, I imagined Clean Eating could be subtitled "How to eat grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and plain brown rice 100 ways", but I owe the magazine an apology. Looks good.

  2. haha I like Chelsea's comment. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying following the CE cooking spree! And, I LOVE anything greek themed or with feta...

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    want to send an academic kick in the butt my way too? :)

    i'm the same way with posts. lately since i'm so busy i want to just put up something quick and nice but i get MAJOR brain freeze. something about time constraints just shuts my brain off

  4. Anonymous2:04 PM

    What an awesome gourmet meal! Perfect for a weekday dinner party. I need an academic butt kicking too...its harder to study when the subject matter doesn't excite me as much!