Wednesday, June 02, 2010

just another day

in paradise?
or something close to it. but first, i need to post a clarification: susan, that new jersey comment was in no way meant to say that hawaii has anything to do with this:

josh and i both LOVED hawaii (we went to maui and the big island) -- pretty much everything about it! i just meant that both hawaii and new jersey feature dollar bills, the english language, accessible running paths, and subpar yogurt, while st. martin has euros, french, and fantastic yogurt :) this island adventure reminds me more of my post-grad jaunt around europe than it does our hawaiian honeymoon.

breakfast time
since i can't seem to stop talking about the yogurt, i might as well show you what i mean:

don't be deceived by appearances: those tiny little yoplait containers in the upper right of this picture house some of the most delicious stuff in the world, as far as i'm concerned. lots of fat = a lovely mild taste and perfect texture.

part of this complete island breakfast!

morning activities
this guy is still buried in his book:

he's writing things out and everything! looks like homework to me . . . but he appears to be enjoying himself.

whereas i am enjoying a leisurely version of my normal morning:


the beach beckons
time to get outside! looks like a decent day:

but first, a massage. we are both indulging in this vacation pleasure, and josh is being rubbed down as i type this. i will try to channel the relaxing vibes across the blogosphere!

question for you: what's the most relaxing trip you've ever taken? this one definitely takes the cake thus far for me.


  1. Oh my gosh, I wish I was on vacation with you!My most relaxing vacation was my honeymoon- it was the first "real" vacation I took, and it was so nice to lie around and do nothing!! (Plus we were too broke to do anything else haha)

  2. Looks gorgeous and relaxing! I'm catching up on my blog reading and hope you have a great trip! My most relaxing trip was right after I graduated college- Hilton Head with friends. We rented a house and bought groceries and basically laid by the pool all day everyday. I was done with finals, set to graduate, all set to go to graduate school... there was nothing on my plate for just one week!

  3. Haha thanks for the clarification! I was hoping the Hawaii would be more fantastic than the five minutes of the Jersey Shore I've seen! Any European-esque always seems a bit more fabulous, so I'm glad St. Maarten is like that!

  4. Wow - a computer and math problems on vacation - you guys are funny! Our most relaxing vacations are to Debordieu, an island off of South Carolina. Nothing to do but go to the beach, spend time with family and cook wonderful dinners (and drink martinis and wine, of course). We are going in 2 weeks with a kid so it should be a little less relaxing this time. Have fun in St. Martin!

  5. Even though it wasn't really vacation, the drive from New Mexico to Wisconsin when we moved here was probably our most relaxing trip. We just vegged and drove and listened to books and music and enjoyed the scenery.

  6. should let Josh know he's doing math on vacation. It's cool to be geeky and all - but let's not overdo it, shall we?

  7. I hope my most relaxing vacation will be this summer. We just bought a summer house overlooking the sea and I look forward to four (yes, 4, gotta love the european vacations) weeks of drinking morning coffee on our patio, grilling, growing vegetables and hanging out by the beach 3 minutues from our house. Oh, and finishing up the last of my PhD thesis too, but let's not think about that now... ;)

    Glad you are enjoying the euro-yogurt. I have to agree it is good. It is the lack of gelatin and other funky stuff, I think. Have a great vacation, you have surely earned it!!!!

  8. Vacay looked wonderful!!