Monday, June 28, 2010

food truck (mis)adventure

burger fail
food trucks have taken on official thing-of-the-moment status here in the triangle. i love the idea -- a bunch of local vendors just getting started with their businesses, offering their wares in a minimal (but nature-tastic!) setting.

however, what i am not super-excited about is . . . the actual food. it's summer! fresh (and often local) produce is abound at my beloved whole foods, and the sultry weather is making me crave piles of raw vegetables and fruits with every meal. while i do want to support the community, the food available from these trucks (much like the goods to be found at outdoor food festivals) tends to be hot, a little greasy, and -- well, not the healthiest.

still, i am a firm believer in balance, which includes the occasional (grass-fed, organic) burger. i am not sure whether the meat from the new and superpopular only burger truck is up to these standards -- i'm guessing not, since there is nothing about the meat source or quality on their website. however, despite the fact that i had no plans to partake, i have a husband to appease who might occasionally tire of my clean eating cooking experiments (although to his credit, he has yet to complain about the food i put on the table for him!).

and said husband really wanted to go to yesterday's food vendor round-up.

so we did! we were excited to find a hoppin' scene, with multiple trucks, families, music, and plenty of durham foodies exploring the latest trend.

locopops was representing. a good thing, since it was probably about 95 degrees!

after surveying the options, i decided to go for a vegetarian plate at "indian food on wheels" (note, it was in a converted taco truck complete with pictures of mexican delicacies on the outside!). josh took his place at the end of the only burger line, on a mission to taste this new local flavor.

10 minutes later, i had my meal in a box; however, i don't think josh's line had moved at all. i started to look a bit dubious . . . but then josh had a brilliant idea:

yes, i was easily appeased with a mojito-flavored locopop. one delicious popsicle and 40 minutes later, josh was approaching the front of the mondo line!

BUT then . . . ohhhh, no! the cooks in the truck (who were clearly working their asses off in the sweltering heat -- wow!) had a devastating announcement: they were out of food.

ouch. i have to say, josh took it hard. i shared my chana masala with him (they were out of the rest of the indian items, so i didn't get exactly my dream plate either), and while it was nicely spiced, there was the aftertaste of defeat. for him, anyway.

which is why not 5 minutes later, this happened . . .


and in the end
josh got his (corporate, factory, totally un-PC) burger and i snagged a few of his (admittedly good) fries. he was slightly miffed about the whole thing, whereas i wasn't. i'm not sure the truck vendors were prepared for the portable food craze to take off like it did! if there is a next time (and i am betting there will be), we'll go earlier.

and on another note
even though i theoretically have 3 days left of residency, i feel like i'm going 'back to school' this week. as usual, i'm all jazzed up with goals for the new academic year, including this one:

more on that later . . . time to leave for for board review!



workout: 0.5 mile warmup, 40 minutes lower body weights from SSU week 3, followed by 4 miles with 4 x 400m intervals on the TM (0.5% incline).

cooking: nada all weekend! i sort of like it that way.

reading: reviewing my own research on fatty liver disease to prep for a meeting today.


  1. Food trucks are all over Philly! I've only eaten from them once since I'm not really in Philly once, but people who work/go to school in the city seem to love them. I wasn't all that impressed, however...

    How sad that they ran out of food!

  2. I think that food trucks have taken on a "food-of-the-moment" all over the US! I believe that it was one of the top 'food trends' of 2009, and I know that one of the recent "Food and Wine" magazines had a section dedicated to the trucks. I must admit that I have a favorite taco truck in LA ("Tacos la Estrella" - their tacos al pastor are freakin' awesome) and I have eaten once at the now uber-famous Kogi truck which plays with Korean-Mexican fusion.
    There was also a bit of a truck vs. restaurant war here in LA. The trucks sort of won but not really, which I think is a damn shame, seeing as the restaurant competition is places like TGIFridays and other pretty boring Americana restaurants that serve up the same, mediocre offerings everywhere.
    Maybe the movement in some places is a bit too fabricated to be "real"?

  3. Oh nooooooo!! Poor Josh. I can just imagine his sad face after finding out there were no more burgers left. OnlyBurger is always parked on Erwin down under the bridge by the Durham WFs. At least they were during schoolio.

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