Monday, May 24, 2010

yum + om

sunday dinner
sunday dinner parties may be my new favorite thing. enjoying a fun meal with friends really puts a different sort of ease into the end of the weekend. last night we had just 3 guests (basically my ward team*), but they were guests with big personalities . . . so it felt like more! lots of laughter, food + wine, and just an overall relaxing evening.

i didn't ask my guests whether they wanted their pictures up for all to see, so i'll just share the end-result of my menu-planning from yesterday's post.

sweet pea crostini (although in the end i didn't really use giada's recipe at all -- instead i made the green peas into a kind of pesto with walnuts, romano, mint, and olive oil)

the main dish: roasted salmon with lemon relish, greek salad, and pine nut and lemon orzo:

it came together quite nicely if i do say so myself! we finished with ridiculously delicious chocolate cake that one of the guests brought from mad hatter.

i'm not usually a cake person but it was quite nice -- and i loved all the intricate layering involved.

* to any med students reading this: and wondering why i haven't mentioned teaching or working with MS team members at all this month, it's because we haven't had any! the duke medders were on a 1 month elective for my entire call block. otherwise, i totally would have included them and had them over last night as well -- i loved it when i was in med school and my senior residents did that.

just breathe
for months now, i've had 'yoga review!' on my to-do list. the wonderful people at aurorae were kind enough to send me one of their mats to try, complete with a rosin bag and towel to prevent slippage.

i wanted josh to take some pictures of me posing on the mat to truly do it justice, but the opportunity never arose! however, a couple of days ago i decided it would be a fun way to experiment with my camera's timer.

click to enlarge if desired

as you can see, this is a super long and very attractive-looking mat! the pink color is vibrant and makes me smile, and i enjoy the extra foot or so of space this mat provides over my older gaiam mat.

it does tend to get slippery, but the rosin bag counteracts this quite well. i would definitely recommend it, especially for anyone looking for a mat with length. there may be a giveaway involving these mats here in the next few days . . . stay tuned!



workout: 42 minutes elliptical (i was running out of time and needed to get back for cooking prep!)

back in the kitchen: see above.

HP report: this week, i am continuing with my goal to delight in the mundane. last night's gathering definitely stood up to that -- while having a few people over for dinner isn't really a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, being a hostess, cooking, and being social are some of my favorite activities. it really made my day, and i plan on doing it again soon.

reading: returns today.


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    That sweet pea crostini looks sooooo good I could eat some for breakfast!

    - Morgan

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    i want to be invited to a SHU box party. they always sound like so much fun! and yummy :)

  3. atilla10:32 PM

    i want to go to your party