Friday, May 28, 2010

vacation, all i ever wanted

T-24 hours to getaway!
i can hardly contain my excitement this morning: just 24 hours from now, josh and i will be off on our much awaited trip:

hmm, i didn't know st. maarten was next to puerto rico until i made this map!

part 1: cincinnati wedding with my best girls

part 2: st. maarten!

it has been 6 months (thanksgiving!) since josh and i had a full week off together, and i can feel that both my body and mind are in need of some relaxation/rejuvenation/recovery time. in the midst of major transitions that are occurring (residency --> fellowship, turning 30, etc), i hope for next week to be a celebration of all of these things as well as a chance to just get some rest.

in the end, i decided against trying to make concrete plans for the week (even though i still have occasional pangs of longing for caroline-style index cards)! unlike action-packed adventures of the past, i plan on treating this experience like a spa vacation where the main goal each and every day is just to R E L A X.

josh has requested a snorkeling trip, so we'll plan for that one day, and another day we will probably rent bikes and go exploring. but the rest will be freestyle: reading, lying/walking on the beach, trying fun restaurants (and perhaps staying in to cook?), watching movies, and just generally hanging out. we will probably go for short runs together most days, and i would like to get a massage.

i think that's plenty.

and yes -- our hotel has internet! so i will be blogging about it, too. for me, that just adds to the fun!

looks like hanging out weather to me . . .

cincinnati (for sat + sun) looks far more coopertive!


packing time!
(i don't own this suitcase . . . yet.)

as soon as i hit 'publish', i am going to lay out clothes for the trip. while our plans are fuzzy, i have found that i really do pack best for vacation when i think about what i am going to wear each day. yes, it's very penelope of me. but it works!



workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical, levels 9 - 12. i considered lifting but was still sore from [couples] shredding on wednesday! as an aside, i was thrilled to find out that we were not the only ones to have incurred jillian's wrath as a team.

clean eating: as in the magazine, and as in 'cleaning out the fridge.' unfortunately, we are running out of time to do a total sweep of the vegetable drawers, but last night's dinner made a dent:

chicken cappellini pomodoro from the may/june issue of clean eating.

yes, we decided to go low-key because the next week is going to be filled with lots of fun dinners out! i pretty much followed the recipe, but added extra tomatoes to the sauce for good measure, and used romano rather than feta, since that's what i had on hand. the sauce is packed full of veggies (carrot, tomato, onion), and this dish tasted healthy AND good.


  1. I am your conscience. And you NEED that suitcase!

  2. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  3. Have a great time! Would you consider blogging about your vacation planning process/what outfits you bring?

  4. Have so much fun on your WELL DESERVED vacation! Can't wait to hear about St. Martin. I hope you are able to relax - if anyone needs some relaxation, it's you and Josh!

  5. have fun snorkeling! that sounds like a blast. i like your relaxed approach to the vaca :)

  6. Have fun! Hope it doesn't rain too much.

  7. looks like so much fun!!! enjoy it! :)