Tuesday, May 18, 2010

top 10 ways to make life harder

mess alert!
our apartment is at an all time high with respect to mess levels. half-unpacked bags everywhere, dirty dishes piled up, and nothing for dinner aside from an expired yogurt (tragic!) taking up space in the fridge.

having life in this much disarray is stressful (because what loose ends am i letting fall through the cracks?) and extremely inefficient. it took me three times as long just to get together the necessary components of my gym bag this evening!

how did this happen!?

antithesis of together: top 10 ways to fall behind on life
☑ go into the week without any sort of plan

☑ just pile mess on top of mess

☑ whatever you do, don't take the time to unload the dishwasher

☑ avoid getting enough sleep at all costs

☑ eat total #(*&@! out of necessity/futility

☑ make sure you are just the slightest bit late to work each morning

☑ don't take the time to charge your phone, computer, or camera battery

☑ two words: snooze button!

☑ lose the precious hours you do have to google reader and facebook

☑ spend more time fretting about how behind you are (for example, making lists about it) rather than doing anything about it

help is on the way!
luckily, vickie sent me some lovely organizational fun to help turn this truck around:

russell and hazel binder and whitelines notebook

plus, my exaboard came! i can't wait to break this baby out at work.

i will of course report back on its user-friendliness, form, and function.

the penultimate call
is in the books! some fun news tomorrow am . . .


  1. This sounds exactly like me right now!! I have got to get back on top of things. Also, I tried to comment last week but it wouldn't let me. Was going to say, WHEN DID YOU CHANGE YOUR BLOG?! /where have i been?

    Hope you're doing well :)

  2. you are totally describing my life right now...I'm just so impressed that you have time to blog!