Thursday, May 06, 2010

thursday break time!

a positive choice
i REALLY don't want to write a clichéd, annoying post about how much it sucked to get through a (HARD) 29 hour shift while under attack by some ugly powerhouse of an upper respiratory virus.

so, while waiting for my ibuprofen + pseudoephedrine cocktail to kick in, i will just pose a few more exciting questions. let's share! feel free to take a break from work (or google reader catchup) and post your answers in the comments and give me something to look forward to for when i wake up from a long (hopefully therapeutic) maxi-nap.

what was your best subject in school, by stage of education?
high school: probably math, although i wasn't one of those super-accelerated types. actually, thinking more outside the box it was probably chorus!

college: physiology! and neuroscience.

med school: pharmacology. oh i love me some drugs, and i can memorize meds like nobody's business.

what was your worst subject?
high school: history. i used to sleep in it consistently. why was it always focused on wars & politics? i would have been much more interested in schools of thought, or what normal people did with their days! too bad blogs didn't exist back then . . .

college: organic chemistry -- hands down. i have a (self-diagnosed) spatial learning disability.

med school: anatomy. that ol' spatial thing strikes again! good thing my future career will never require me to cut any holes in anyone, ever.

what is one book you think everyone -- everyone -- should read?

i really did love it!. but my favorite books in terms of artistry are probably lolita (nabokov) and the wind-up bird chronicle (murakami).

if you were limited to ONE musical group/artist to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?

gaga probably the beatles. but the loss would be heart-wrenching.



  1. Sounds like fun!

    (1) what was your best subject in school, by stage of education?
    (a) high school - civics/history
    (b) college - sociology (but, what can you do with a sociology degree? That was always my question.)
    (c) law school - property & family law

    (2) worst subject
    (a) high school - geometry (i still abhor it!)
    (b) college - psychology
    (c) law school - i think i have blocked it out // maybe civil procedure? I liked the subject, but the prof's way of teaching and my way of learning did not connect

    (3) what is one book you think everyone -- everyone -- should read? Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray (in fact, I should read it again!)

    (4) if you were limited to ONE musical group/artist to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be? i don't think I could do that! I go through phases of I love THIS group and then I don't want to hear them for the next 6 months. So listening to only ONE person/group? Geez, I think I'd rather almost NOT listen to music because at least then I'd have fond memories of what once was... :-D

  2. Fun fun!

    HS - English
    College - My favorite were my Women's Studies Classes
    Law - Criminal Law

    HS - Physics
    College - Least favorite - THe lameo liberal arts math class I had to take.
    Law - Tax

    Book: I've never read a book that I thought really changed my life. I did like the Glass Castle though.

    Music: Dave Matthews.

  3. I so need this! A welcome break from college finals week!

    Best subjects:
    HS - English and history
    College - English and history (weird how that works...majoring in both).

    HS - Math
    College - economics bleghh.

    Book - "Everything Is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer or "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt

    Music: I can even narrow it down to song, "Steal My Sunshine" by Len!

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  5. Oh, I will answer fun questions to take a break from reading about antibiotic penetration in lung tissue...

    1) Best Subjects
    high school: chemistry or calculus
    college: bio-enginerding
    grad school: physiology. I LOVED that class and wish I had taken it earlier, it seriously had be considering med school (still am, really)

    2) Worst Subjects
    high school: English
    college: physical or organic chemistry
    grad school: thermodynamics, the devil

    3) Three Cups of Tea. It's so relevant to so many current political and social issues, and just a really great story.

    (4) Dave Matthews Band, easily.

  6. These types of questions are the best.

    Best Subjects:
    High School: Calculus
    College: Exercise Physiology/ Sports Analysis of Movement

    Worst Subjects:
    High School: History
    College: Institution of Education

    Book: "Omnivores Dilemma"

    Band/Music: Brand New

  7. best subjects:
    hs: studio art
    college: studio art
    med school: anatomy

    hs: history
    college: music theory
    med school: biochemistry

    book: Night by Elie Wiesel

    music: John Prine

  8. Anonymous3:36 PM

    best subjects:
    hs: french/chemistry
    college: spanish

    hs: physics (and i'm graduating with a degree in it now!)
    college: physiology (but i think it was the professor because i understood the material but not his test questions....oh excuses hah)

    book: jurassic park

    music: rascal flatts

  9. Anonymous4:24 PM

    So fun!
    high school - math
    undergrad - bio
    med school - hematology

    high school - french
    undergrad - o-chem
    med school - anatomy - also awful at the whole spaital thing!

    Book: recently loved shanghai girls
    Music: Beatles or the Shins

    hope you get some sleep and get rest of the urti infection!

  10. i love school haaha.
    --high school: toss up between bio, italian, and calc
    --college: neuroscience. um but it was my major, so i took like 15 neuro classes. soooo more specifically, "the neurophysiology and electrophysiology of the synapse" was my favorite
    --med school: ANATOMY!! ah love. the day they handed me a hacksaw was my favorite day.

    --high school: chem. yuck.
    --College: general chem strikes again!
    --med school: and again!! do we see a pattern? biochem was a disaster. yikes..

  11. oh and i forgot:

    books: probably pride & prejudice. or atlas shrugged.
    music: iron & wine or the decemberists.

  12. Cute idea.

    High school: English and math. I loooved biology though.
    College: Stats I guess. I did well in my journalism classes (made straight As when often only one or two As were given out in the whole class), but I thought they were really hard. Undergrad stats >>> easier than undergrad journalism.
    Grad: Biostat :)

    HS: Physics and chemistry
    College: Chemistry and calc 2 (ick)
    Grad: Stat inference and analysis.

    Best book-
    Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

    Cat Stevens greatest hits.

  13. Agh! So sorry to hear about your not-so-stellar shift. But I will gladly answer your fun questions:)
    High School: Best-English...or choir. Worst-chemistry.
    College: Best-English (I like to write, obvi!)Worst-calculus, NO DOUBT.

    I haven't made it to graduate level just yet. Almost!

  14. Best subject:
    HS = Anything math or science
    College = Biology + math
    B-school = Statistics

    Worst subject:
    HS = English
    College = English
    B-school = Organizational theory or anything fluffy

    Best book = Les Mis or The Fountainhead

    Music group = sorry to say it but Michael Jackson - still love his music