Monday, May 10, 2010

things are looking up!

reviewing the evidence
best. call. night. EVER last night! i got . . . well, let's just say an embarrassing amount of sleep. a 10-days-too-early birthday present to me. i guess the kids were staying healthy for their mothers!?

my god, it's gorgeous out.

chipotle leftovers for lunch!

3 30-hour call shifts left. EVER.

i think i can upgrade my progress against the virus to 97% cured. all that's left is a rapsy sexy voice.

josh brought me home a prize from staples:

he also picked these babies up. honey, are you trying to tell me something?

i get to see lots of friends + family this weekend at a much-anticipated wedding (#1)

which means a WHOLE WEEKEND OFF!

and when i get back, there will be only 2 calls left (ever)

and it will almost be my birthday!

and THEN it will be our anniversary ()

and THEN we will get to go to miss (dr.) emily's wedding and be with my best girls . . .

and then josh and i will go here:

st maarten beachscape

yeah. so really: i can't (and shouldn't) complain. ever.


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    so glad things are looking up! did you get the j.crew bag for your early birthday present?

  2. Glad you are feeling better. you have a lot of fun things coming up!

  3. So many exciting things in your future!

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    omg i LOVE the happiness in this post :) makes me all smiley :)

    and the sexy/raspy voice reminds me of the friends episode where phoebe purposely tries to get sick so she can have a sexy voice hahah

  5. So much excitement in your future! So glad thinks are looking up for you:)

  6. atilla12:07 AM

    what a whirlwind finale to May. Gotta love it!

  7. So good!! Are you going to be using those 25 pounds weights?? I certainly wouldn't be...