Tuesday, May 11, 2010

simple = best

tip overload?
between the TV, social media, and the blogosphere, we are bombarded with tips these days. some are useful, some are intrusive, and some are downright wrong (because of course not every tip applies to every person or situation!). but often it's the simplest ideas that are the best.

yesterday, gretchen rubin's post featured one simple tip: try gift bags.

and with that, i was inspired to head to twig to pick up some reusable ones. BAM -- instantly presentable gift packaging (the bags are holding babygap purchases in 4 different sizes for our 3 nieces and 1 nephew) that is green to boot! hooray!

happiness project update
speaking of ms. rubin, i have been doing some thinking about the sort of happiness project that i want to undertake beginning on my 30th birthday (in 9 days . . . but who's counting?). i like her idea of dividing the year up into 12 months, with a goal of focusing on one particular area of life at a time. but even though i thought they were great, i don't want to just reuse her areas of focus -- i want to come up with my own!

i also want to figure out what sort of tracking system i want to use to chronicle this project. probably some combination of paper + this blog, but i haven't yet worked out the details. coming soon in a future post!

my manifesto

i want to experience life to the fullest. i want to appreciate the joy in little things and spend time with family and friends. i want to continue learning and use what i have learned to help others. i want to experience art every day -- in the form of a great song or in the chapter of a book. i want to eat great food, as well as food that makes me FEEL great. i want to be myself. i want to find flow and get lost in what i'm doing, whether it's in clinic or writing this post. i want to connect with others. i want to treat my body well. i want to forgive myself when i'm not perfect. i want to learn to be present in every hour of every day.

link ♥
call was so unbusy on sunday that i had time to peruse these two fabulous websites, so i figured i would share!

1) what claudia wore: a blog devoted to the fashions (and overall awesomeness) of claudia kishi. yes, the claudia kishi -- the fictional one who rocked every babysitter's club meeting with her eclectic fashion mash-ups. likely one of lady gaga's muses to this very day, even if i doubt she'd admit it. i read about this blog on heather's hangrypants and was stuck on it for at least an hour.

2) new dress a day features exactly that: a new dress (or outfit) a day. except genius author marisa crafts them all from $1 thrift shop monstrosities. and she looks GREAT! i was riveted . . . and you will be, too.



workout: finally, i was well enough to DO something again! 45 minutes on the elliptical. my god, that felt good.

kitchen shortcut:

appetizer, courtesy of brixx (um, not to scale! this is a piece of a personal pie on a l'il plate!

tilapia stuffed with spinach and pine nuts, made by whole foods and baked at home. i think i don't actually like tilapia that much, but the filling (and green beans!) were tasty.


  1. Oh man, I will definitely have to spend some time on What Claudia Wore. I remember those books well...

  2. I don't like tilapila either. Such a bland fish! The taste really reveals that it is a farmed sweetwater fish. I prefer fish and seafood from saltwater.

    Glad you are on the mend!

  3. atilla7:02 AM

    as fish goes, tilapia's pretty neutral to me and reflects the seasonings around it

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Haha, that blog is too funny. She posted another Babysitter's Club one that's also funny, but i forgot the link.

    I think tilapia tastes better when it's pan fried as opposed to baked (which unfortunately, I did last night.)

  5. The little baglets are adorable. Like Gretchen, wrapping presents is a huge pain for me. I usually opt for old paper bags/circulars for Stop & Shop, but I like the idea of a reusable bag.

    Re: tilapia. Um, but you know that art installation, The Dinner Party, by Judy Chicago? Kind of reminiscent. Made me laugh.

  6. I love your manifesto, here's mine that I wrote a couple years ago:

    Live a fulfilled life full of laughter and love with others that I cherish; Lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle by learning more about taking care of my body, heart, mind, and soul; Create great food and enjoy new life experiences and adventures with those I love; Strive to continuously move in a direction that grounds and centers me; Build on my strengths as a maximizer, relator, visualizer, focuser, and strategizer; Help others to accomplish their life dreams by being a genuine, light-hearted, positive presence and influence in their life; Remember what is important to me in all that I do

  7. I don't think Tilapia has enough flavor at all. If you ever come across Wahoo though you have to try it. It's amazing. I love the gift bags. Oh, and those websites were so darn cute.

  8. after seeing the happiness project mentioned on your blog so many times, i realized that i just had to read this book as well. it just came today via amazon and i hope it's as inspirational for me as it has been for you :)

  9. So checking out the Claudia blog. She was my favorite.

    Mark Bittman hates tilapia.

  10. That dress a day blog is amazing! I'm so impressed with her - thanks for such a great find!