Saturday, May 15, 2010

live, from NY . . .

family fun
i had so much fun with the U side of my family today (ie: the in-laws!). i am so lucky to absolutely love my entire 'in-law' family, and i am not just saying that because i know several of them read this blog. the entire miami beach crew is such a fun-loving, family-centered group and they all know how to have a good time.

i'm about to get all decked out in formal wear for tonight's black tie wedding! but first, a few pix from today . . .

we went to storm king, an outdoor sculpture park out near west point, NY. i actually wasn't such a fan of most of the modern sculptures just sort of sitting there cluttering up the idyllic landscape.

some of them grew on me, though.

i preferred to mostly watch this scenery:

my beautiful niece margaux, above . . . and niece/nephew pair max + ellie below.

one thumb up!

and some camera fun:

a carolina blue sky . . . in NY.


birthday surprise!
and then, out of the blue during lunchtime came a bday surprise!

from my favorite store . . .

and it even fit perfectly! (excuse the hotel room mirror shot!). my parents-in-law are the best. THANK YOU B&S!

out of shape?
i just got back from a 4 (well, 4.13) mile run with josh's cousin naomi. i love getting to run with family and friends! we powered up some NY hills at a not-so-blistering 9:38/mi average pace.

i think i've managed to get myself out of shape in these past 7 weeks of random shift work and overnights . . . but not being in training mode means that i'm actually not all that stressed about it. kind of nice for once!


  1. Beautiful dress and beautiful nieces and nephews! Give them a squeeze for me! Have a great time at the wedding!!

  2. It kinda reminds me of the Art Park out near Buffalo (was there years ago). Very cool. Looks like you had perfect weather this weekend. Despite the high taxes, occasionally NY can get something right. :D

  3. My mom dragged me to Storm King when I was in high school. I found it pretty boring, too! But no cute relatives were there to distract me.

  4. That dress is gorgeous, as is the day! (And the woman in the dress, of course!)

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Cute dress.

  6. I drive past Storm King all the time when going to NYC or LI. I've never made it there, though. Maybe this summer. Your pics look great!

  7. love that dress!!