Monday, May 03, 2010

early but worth it

three weeks
i have exactly 21 days remaining of my very last call month of residency. i am torn between taking the attitude of "i can do anything for three weeks!" and just sort of waiting for it to be over vs. trying my hardest to appreciate each day and its associated challenges.

73 degrees at 5 AM = sweaty but effective morning run

one thing that i know will help me go the latter route is getting my workouts in during the AM. last week didn't go so well -- the stress i was dealing with really took its toll, and truly affected my ability to go about my usual activities.

but i have found that going for a run (or cross-training) before work really is the best thing for me.

benefits include:
more energy (even though i have to get up earlier)
a positive impact on my mood
it gets me feeling accomplished early on, setting the tone for the day
i don't stress about leaving work 'on time' to get my run in afterwards
i can relax and cook after work, which feels much more natural to me
i sleep better at night if i don't run just hours before bed
according to the may runner's world, it might make a good meditation opportunity -- a peaceful way to start the day (if i don't have ke$ha blaring from my iPod, that is).

not to mention the fact that running outside in 80 degree weather really isn't my thing.

on saturday's post, i stated that i would talk about my latest workout plans. i don't have any grand announcement: for the next 3 weeks, i'm just going to be in the mode of working out for the above benefits. my focus will not be on training for anything, but instead on just running for the sake of running. i am also determined to get in some yoga, an exercise that i KNOW has its own set of rewards, but that for some reason i can never get myself to do consistently.

that said, off to hit the mat! happy monday!



workout: 5 miles @ 9:13/mi, 0.5% incline on the TM while finishing up runner's world and april marie claire. LOVE so many of the shoes featured in that issue!

kitchen capers: from the recesses of the freezer --> the last of our mindfulness calzones (see link to understand this name)! yes, you can eat 2009 calzones in 2010. once baked for 25 minutes on 375, they were like new again. magic!

served with local mixed greens salad dressed with homemade balsamic vinaigrette


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    i love your focus of running for the sake of running. send some of that attitude my way because i'm getting stir crazy about not having a training plan to follow haha!

    i also 100% agree with all those benefits. people look at me crazy when i run before my am classes but it's really the best way for me to start my day

  2. As an inveterate morning workout-er, I agree with all your bullet points. And I imagine you leave the workplace zonked - the thought of going and running or ANYTHING would be painful.

  3. Did you see that the Well Blog in the NY Times had an article about GH in kids???


    Oops - here it is.

  5. Anonymous5:51 PM

    That calzone looks amazing - I love finding delicious leftovers in the freezer. I really hate the feeling of not knowing when I am going to get home and if I'll be able to run/workout which is a big plus for AM workouts for me. But sometimes it's SO hard to get out of bed!

  6. Melissa9:16 PM

    Hi Sarah,
    I have been reading your blog periodically for awhile (~1yr) but never comment. Congratulations to you and Josh for getting the programs you want!
    I am a junior at Vassar who is applying to medical school this June (AMCAS is available tomorrow!!!). I was wondering where you went to medical school and how you decided where to apply/ go. I already took the MCAT (32: PS:10 VR:11 BS:11 Q) and my cGPA-3.9, sGPA-4.0. Do you have any tips on where to apply, as in how do you determine if a school is a good fit for you?

  7. I love running for the sake of running and it is so much better in the morning. You're going to have a nice 3 weeks!

  8. melissa: woah! it's been a while since i thought about all that, to be honest! email me at shuboxblog at gmail (so i can get your address) and i'll email you some off the cuff thoughts, but i think people who recently applied from your school might be somewhat more accurate at knowing what's going on in admissions these days :)

    as an aside, my GOD that mcat was hard. it makes all of the boards seem easy to me in comparison. at least they don't have organic chem involved!